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Jul 28, 2023

Armis Featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for CPS Protection Systems: Embracing Asset-Centric Security

Armis Featured in Gartner’s Market Guide for CPS Protection Systems: Embracing Asset-Centric Security

We are excited to share that Armis has been featured in Gartner’s definitive Market Guide for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Protection Platforms. With this announcement, Gartner is confirming that security challenges now span beyond the capabilities of traditional network-centric tools. Tailored CPS protection platforms delivering first class asset discovery, vulnerability management and threat prioritization are now essential in protecting mission-critical environments. For Armis, being included in this guide serves as recognition of our ongoing success in an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

The guide also calls for an evolution from platforms primarily focused on passive deep packet inspection. This method involves scrutinizing network traffic data for potential threats and vulnerabilities. While this was once sufficient, the evolving threat landscape demands a more proactive approach. Organizations are now calling for CPS protection platforms like Armis who differentiate themselves by offering a more holistic range of protection and mitigation techniques. As well as gathering deep contextual knowledge on asset behavior, the Armis platform continuously monitors behavior enabling real-time interactions with the systems under surveillance. This proactive approach allows for swift identification and mitigation of potential threats before they escalate into full-blown attacks.

Critically, Gartner has recognised the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity ecosystem- one that offers additional functionalities. Gartner suggests a good CPS protection platform should include vulnerability management, threat intelligence, advanced visualizations, real-time alerts and guided automated response mechanisms. It is only by doing this, that organizations will avoid operational blindspots in their security provision.

Picking a CPS solution that can integrate with your existing systems is key, with Gartner highlighting the need for a provider that works best in your environment. The Armis platform can generate a segmentation access control list that can be transferred directly to the enforcement solution like most leading firewalls and NAC solutions for activation by an administrator. Its unique algorithm determines a risk score and prioritization and comes with a wizard to tune the platform for each specific user’s requirements. Our Resident Engineer program accelerates the time to value with a dedicated resource for planning, deploying, and operationalising the Armis platform on a client’s site.

The release of the Gartner Market Guide for CPS Protection Platforms not only aligns with our ongoing efforts but also serves as a testament to the validity of our platform and approach. We are poised to leverage the insights from this report to further enhance our impact in the industry.

We invite you to explore the Gartner guide and learn more about our CPS Protection offering.

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