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Jan 28, 2020

Armis and Check Point Team Up to Deliver Unmatched Security for IoT Devices

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Protecting your organization from risky devices—or worse from devices already compromised by bad actors—is no easy chore. Overcoming this challenge first requires that you know what devices are even there. Only then can you assess the risks and build a security strategy that addresses your tolerance to those risks.

But how do you do that when you’re blind to devices on your network and in your environment?

With Check Point IoT Security, a new solution that uses the unmatched device identification and profiling capabilities of the Armis platform as an IoT device discovery engine, Check Point customers no longer have to wonder.

Create Policies for Any Unmanaged and IoT Device

This integration between Check Point and Armis allows joint customers to create policies for any unmanaged or IoT device. Without requiring any agents, Armis discovers devices in your environment and provides the Check Point IoT Security Manager with highly granular device attributes and risk scores based on a contextual understanding of a device’s behavior.

Armis + Check Point Integration Diagram

In the IoT Security Manager console, an admin can enable policy recommendations Armis pushes to the IoT Security Manager, or they can create new policies based on these attributes and scores. This helps reduce your exposure to the risks of unmanaged and IoT devices proactively by ensuring the IoT Security Gateway has policies in place for any device in any environment.

Detect and Respond Quickly to Threats and Vulnerabilities

In addition to device inventory and policy management, the solution enables joint customers to detect and respond more quickly to threats and vulnerabilities. Continuous device analysis based on information from the Armis Device Knowledgebase and from premium, globally-shared threat intelligence feeds including the Check Point ThreatCloud, allows Armis to identify vulnerable devices accurately.

The Check Point IoT Security Manager can then activate security protections automatically, either through virtual patching (by installing the appropriate IPS signatures on the gateways) or through policy enforcement that isolates affected devices. This provides you with effective protection against unpatched devices, or devices running unpatchable operating systems or software without disrupting critical business operations.

Make Security Teams More Efficient

The granular device information Armis provides is made available directly in the IoT Security Manager console, giving security teams a contextual understanding of device behavior and forensics. That helps make security teams more well-informed when responding to threats without impacting critical devices, and without ever leaving the Check Point console. That makes your incident responders and threat investigators more efficient.

This new solution is available today.

Learn more about Armis and Check Point IoT Security:

  • Join us at CPX 360 in New Orleans (January 27-29) in Booths 1 & 2 for a demo.
  • Attend our presentation “5 Real Stories of Unmanaged and IoT Device Exposures” on January 28 at 11:00AM on the expo floor in New Orleans!
  • Join us at CPX 360 in Vienna (February 4-6) for a demo.
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