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Nov 27, 2023

Armis Cares: Committing to a Culture of Giving

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As the end of the year approaches, our global team makes it a priority to come together to give back to their local communities during the holiday season. We’re proud and excited to be doing the same again this year. We’ve also recognized that we can do even more on a year-round basis in addition to the other charitable activities (i.e. preparing food donation boxes, working with local charities packing presents, etc.) that we do regionally during times of need in areas where we have a large Armis team member base, but at a steady cadence to create a continuous culture of giving worldwide so that we can further these positive contributions on a larger scale.

As such, we are not only looking forward to our end-of-year global Armis Gives Back Days, but also expanding and formalizing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program: Armis Cares. With this, we’re doubling down on our charitable contributions, measured both in time spent volunteering and monetary donations, to ensure that Armis has the greatest impact possible – here’s how.

Global Armis Gives Back Days

  • United States – With “Giving Tuesday” taking place this week in the U.S., our local team members are gathering in New York City to volunteer onsite to support Little Essentials. A non-profit with a critical mission, Little Essentials helps to provide urgently needed children’s supplies and parenting education to at-risk local families by partnering with shelters, social service agencies and various community organizations. Our team will sort clothing, package diapers, fill orders for families in need and more.
  • United Kingdom – Our UK-based team members will volunteer in London to help package emergency meals for families facing hunger in partnership with Feed The Hungry UK, an international hunger relief and disaster aid organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food and other aid to those in need. The team will also spend time volunteering at Calthorpe Community Garden, which serves as a hub for social and therapeutic horticulture, sports and community support, a food bank and beyond.
  • Germany – Our staff in Munich will support SOS-Kinderdorf, a youth welfare and aid organization committed to improving the living conditions of socially disadvantaged children, young people and their families.
  • France – Armisers will volunteer at charity run Corrida de Noël, which raises funds to support various associations committed to children’s health. The team will also spend a day with The Restaurants du Coeur packing food donations.
  • Israel – In Tel Aviv, team members volunteered in a soup kitchen and helped prepare and cook thousands of hot meals for Israeli soldiers and stranded families from the Gaza Strip.
  • Japan – The Armis team will cleanup litter from the Arakawa River in Tokyo.
  • Australia – Local Armisers will volunteer at community garden Pocket City Farms in Sydney.

And, while these group Armis Give Back Days taking place in these cities and others across the globe are a tremendous opportunity to volunteer alongside colleagues, there are a number of Armis employees who are based outside of the range of these specific initiatives. In these instances, our team is excited to give back to their local communities and volunteer close-to-home to causes that are meaningful to them – and they have full support from Armis to do so.

Dedicated, Company-Sponsored Volunteer Hours

Armis is committed to supporting our team members so that they can participate in these Give Back Days and related initiatives throughout the year. As such, Armis is dedicating company-sponsored volunteer hours or voluntary time off (VTO) for each of our team members that can be utilized similarly to a PTO or sick day, but is strictly for volunteering. This way, employees are encouraged to step away from their computers to give back to the community. And, Armis can track our volunteer hours to set goals globally and regionally to ensure we’re fulfilling our CSR mission as One Armis.

Streamlined Charitable-Giving Platforms & Employer Match Programs

In addition to volunteering as a way to give back, Armis is up-leveling our commitment to monetary charitable gift-giving in a number of ways, continuing on the progress we’ve made over the past year and into the new year.

We’ve already shared the why behind our “Scan For A Cause” initiative implemented by our global events team. This initiative has resulted in badge scans compounding dollars being donated to charities, repurposing the amount of marketing dollars we would otherwise spend on branded swag being given out to event attendees.

Additionally, to further monetary donations, Armis has partnered with Percent Pledge, a social impact and employee engagement company with a vision of helping every business and its employees make a positive social impact. Armis automatically donates in the form of “Cause Credits,” distributed among our team members evenly so that individuals can decide which causes to allocate these funds to on behalf of Armis in their name. Additionally, employees can donate on their own through the platform and Armis will automatically match their contribution through our employer match program.

At Armis, formalizing our Armis Cares CSR program is a top priority of ours, as we’re committed to building and sustaining a culture of giving across the globe, year-round. We encourage all of our employees to participate – from the top down – to support this mission and we’re taking meaningful steps to make this happen. This is just the beginning, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

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