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Apr 17, 2024

Armis Announces Silk Security Acquisition: A Leap Forward in Addressing the Security Gap Between the “Find” and the “Fix”

Armis + silk

Revolutionary AI-based approach added to the Armis Centrix™ Platform redefines how organizations find risk, identify the owner, prioritize, and operationalize the remediation lifecycle

In today’s dynamic security landscape, organizations are faced with a deluge of security findings, with no scalable and automated way to prioritize and operationalize remediation. Because of ineffective processes and inconsistent risk prioritization, security teams do not have a clear plan on what to fix, who should fix it, and how it should be fixed. The result is costly and suboptimal remediation efforts that consume security team resources and still fall short in prioritizing the findings that pose the most risk to operational resilience and the business. For the first time in the security community, Armis will enable security and developer teams a consolidated view into any security findings and will empower them to manage the remediation process in an effective way, thus providing complete cyber threat exposure management.

Armis to Address Full Exposure Management Lifecycle

Silk Security capabilities is not just another security tool; as part of Armis Centrix™, it’s a paradigm shift in how organizations approach risk resolution. It addresses the challenge head-on by offering a comprehensive solution for risk prioritization and resolution lifecycle management across code, infrastructure, cloud and application findings. Leveraging advanced AI technologies, Armis Centrix™ enables advanced security and collaborative exposure management by identifying and consolidating security issues, communicating and ranking priorities, finding and assigning the right owners, and collaborating with developers and operations stakeholders to effectively remediate and reduce risk. The technology allows security teams to shift organizational dynamics with more high-fidelity prioritization guidance, and ensure ongoing visibility across the entire resolution management lifecycle. To efficiently manage this, Armis empowers organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and proactively protect their digital assets whether physical or virtual.

Armis’ acquisition of Silk Security is a strategic move aimed at progressing the Exposure Management paradigm by comprehensively addressing the entire lifecycle. By seamlessly integrating into Armis Centrix™, Silk Security closes the traditional gap between security findings, asset ownership and actionable remediation, offering a holistic and prioritized approach to risk management. With Silk Security now part of the Armis Centrix™ platform, the stage is set for a transformative journey toward enhanced security resilience, prioritization, remediation control and reporting and operational efficiency.

Outcomes and Proof Points

The impact of Armis + Silk Security is not just theoretical; it’s tangible and measurable. Organizations leveraging these capabilities have reported:

  • Streamlined risk assessment and remediation processes, leading to a significant reduction in time spent on identifying owners and assigning tickets.
  • Drastic reduction in findings volume through ML deduplication, resulting in improved Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR).
  • Substantial increase in the number of closed findings, reducing overall threat debt and enhancing organizational security posture.

Armis’ acquisition of Silk Security marks a significant leap forward in the realm of exposure management. By integrating Silk Security into the Armis Centrix™ platform, Armis continues to push the boundaries of security excellence, empowering organizations to stay ahead of emerging threats and safeguard their digital footprint with confidence.

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