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Sep 16, 2020

Armis Announces Integration with ServiceNow Service Graph

Having an asset inventory you can trust is a critical component for any IT or security team’s success. But with so many devices in your environment today, many of which traditional asset management and security products can’t even see, it’s hard to know what’s there–and what’s not. And without access to complete device details, incident responders can’t be as fast or efficient as they need to be when keeping your business safe.

Armis today announced it has launched an integration with the new ServiceNow® Service Graph Connector Program, a new designation within the Technology Partner Program. Our new ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for Armis® provides mutual customers with a unified asset management solution for any managed, unmanaged, IoT, medical, and manufacturing/OT device. The new Service Graph Connector for Armis helps our mutual customers more quickly, easily, and reliably load third-party data into the ServiceNow Service Graph and Configuration Management Database (CMDB), enabling better IT operations and improved security management.

Armis is an agentless, passive platform that discovers every asset in your environment, analyzes device behavior to identify risks or attacks, and protects your critical business information and systems. ServiceNow Service Graph is the next-generation system of record for your infrastructure, application, and service data that helps you better manage your digital products, development pipeline, cloud and security operations, assets, and services. Together, these two platforms provide a superior, unified cybersecurity asset management solution.

Continuous, Reliable Device Visibility

When integrated with the ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB, the Armis platform makes sure ServiceNow always has the latest details (hardware, software, configuration, and more) about every device in your environment. Armis continuously and passively monitors devices for additional information it can use to true-up details in your ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB, giving you a complete and up-to-date asset inventory on demand.

Workflow and Incident Response Automation

The Armis platform performs continuous, real-time risk analysis of device behavior, so you have the information you need to prioritize and remediate risks and incidents quickly. If Armis detects abnormal or suspicious device behavior, it can generate investigation alerts, open trouble tickets, or trigger policy-based blocking or quarantine actions automatically. This helps incident responders automate manual tasks so they can remain focused on maintaining positive security and risk postures.

Fast and Easy Integration

The Armis platform is agentless and requires no additional hardware, which reduces deployment time and effort for IT or security teams, even in large, global, and complex environments. And, with the Service Graph Connector for Armis, integration between the two platforms is fast and easy, so you can get started seeing more devices—and more value from your ServiceNow Service Graph and CMDB—right away.

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