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Mar 27, 2023

Armis Achieves U.S. Department of Defense Impact Level 4 Authorization

Today I am proud to share another impressive achievement from our public sector business. Armis Centrix™ has achieved Department of Defense Impact Level 4 (IL4) Provisional Authorization (PA). This comes right after Armis achieved its final “Authorized” status from the United States government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) in January. Taken together, these authorizations mean that ANY federal agency can achieve total asset visibility and protection with Armis.

IL4 authorization signifies that Armis has met the DoD’s strict requirements for the government’s sensitive Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). The Administration called on the private sector to help harden the nation’s cyber defenses, and these authorizations mean Armis can do just that. The government is a major focus for Armis, and I’d like to congratulate our public sector team for all the hard work that went into these successes.

Like many other businesses, public sector organizations experience a “visibility gap” using conventional perimeter-based or identity-based defenses alone. You can’t protect what you can’t see. Armis Centrix™ discovers, aggregates and correlates all asset information into a single source of truth to mitigate risk. It’s essential for many of the compliance frameworks being adopted for stronger cybersecurity, such as Zero Trust. Customers typically say they see 50% to 70% more connected devices using Armis technology, giving them the situational awareness they need to protect their networks.

Of course, being aware that assets exist is just a prerequisite for cybersecurity. IT leaders need to know whether devices are risky. After discovering and classifying each asset, Armis calculates its risk score and automates mitigation.

Armis is honored to be a trusted partner in helping all agencies, across the Federal Civilian space and Department of Defense, adjust to an increasingly dangerous cyber environment. This new IL4 authorization is further proof of Armis’s commitment to the public sector and to the defense of our country.

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