Oct 04, 2023

A Look Back on our Inaugural Armis Engage Event and Global Launch

Armis on NASDAQ building screen

In mid-September, we held our inaugural Armis Engage event at the Nasdaq MarketSite at Times Square. We were proud to host strategic analysts, media, equity analysts, customers and partners, and shared with them our incredible business momentum so far this year, as well as unveil what the future holds for Armis.

Conor Coughlan CMAO speaking at Armis Engage

Both in-person and virtual attendees had the opportunity to hear from our exceptionally talented executives, investors, partners and customers. Attendees were given a first look at the new Armis as we reintroduced our organization as the asset intelligence cybersecurity company. The big reveal was also shown on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square.

In addition to rebranding Armis overall, we were eager to share with our attendees the launch of Armis Centrix™, the AI-powered cyber exposure management platform. Armis Centrix™ helps organizations see, protect and manage their entire attack surface, continuously safeguarding their mission-critical assets from cyber threats.

Armis Centrix™ Platform Diagram

Our platform delivers a true modular approach to cyber exposure management covering the most critical cybersecurity needs for our customers across 4 solutions:

  • Asset management and security – Complete asset inventory of all asset types allowing any organization to see and secure the attack surface
  • OT/IOT security – See and secure OT/IOT networks and physical assets, ensure uptime and build an effective & comprehensive security strategy
  • Medical device security – Complete visibility and security for all medical devices, clinical assets and the entire healthcare ecosystem – with zero disruption to patient care
  • Vulnerability prioritization and remediation – Consolidate, prioritize and remediate all vulnerabilities; improve mean time to remediation (MTTR) with automatic remediation and ticketing workflows

We are exceptionally grateful to the many external cyber-security professionals, investment and market experts who shared their in-depth knowledge with our multiple audiences on the day. A significant amount was shared and discussed on the day, however key takeaways include:

  • The explosion of unmanaged assets is driving demand for asset intelligence cybersecurity. Armis is continuing to innovate to proactively address the evolving needs of our global customer base in light of this.
  • Armis Centrix™ is protecting organizations across all verticals and industries, enabling business, security and IT leaders to see, protect and manage all physical and virtual assets, ensuring the entire attack surface is both defended and managed in real time.
  • Armis customers value our partnership immensely, given the critical challenges they’re up against and the gaps asset intelligence cybersecurity is enabling them to mitigate. Customers who presented during Armis Engage across sectors including retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, education (SLED) and more, shared why it’s essential to have tools like Armis Centrix™ that provide exposure management capabilities and cyber asset intelligence to enable them to proactively secure all assets, remediate vulnerabilities, block threats and protect the entire attack surface. Customers spoke about why they value Armis’s collaboration with other leading global technology vendors to ensure they can seamlessly integrate Armis Centrix™ with existing IT and security stacks.
  • Customers stated how easy it is to deploy Armis Centrix™, why our agentless approach is critical in today’s evolving threat landscape and how contextual asset intelligence is strengthening their organization’s overall line of defense against bad actors.
  • Analysts & Armis executives shared why Armis is THE industry leader, given our critical contributions to the sector through thought leadership, research, innovation and beyond.
  • Armis is growing in such a rapid, efficient manner & at scale. Analysts are seeing Armis beat the competition hands down in all verticals and geographies and is outperforming other cyber organizations.
  • Armis is the number one cybersecurity firm to partner and collaborate with, due to the openness of our culture and our desire to put our customer needs first (check out our alliances and partner program).

At the event, we also introduced our many amazing guests and delegates to the powers of the Armis Asset Intelligence Engine.

The Armis collective AI-powered Asset Intelligence Engine monitors billions of assets world-wide in order to identify cyber risk patterns and behaviors. It powers Armis Centrix™, the cyber exposure management platform, with unique, actionable cyber intelligence to detect and address real-time threats across the entire attack surface.

A big thank you again to our attendees who took the time out of their day to share this milestone moment with us. And to our many presenters, especially our valued investors, customers and partners – we greatly appreciate your continued support and participation in this event!

Our thanks to the entire Nasdaq Marketsite team and everyone at the Nasdaq for their past, current and future support. We are, as always, truly grateful for all your support and assistance and for being such champions of innovation and technology. I would like to personally thank Dan Anquis, Managing Director at the Nasdaq for his active support of our firm’s efforts.

The Armis team looks forward to what’s to come on the road ahead, and we are eager to continue to share key highlights from our journey with you along the way.

To learn more about Armis, please visit: https://www.armis.com/

For additional information about Armis Centrix™ go to: https://www.armis.com/platform/armis-centrix/

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