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2022 Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for Connected Medical Device Security Solutions

Ultrasound - Medical device security

Armis has been named the leader in the 2022 SPARK Matrix™: Connected Medical Device Security Solutions report

We’ve been rated the highest vendor in two categories — Technology Impact and Customer Excellence.

“A few of the key features offered by the leaders that help them differentiate themselves from the competition include extensive knowledge databases, the extent of coverage to devices in the network, domain expertisesophisticated features that improve the operations of the HDO, automated security enforcement, ensuring patient safety and privacy, and providing granular-level visibility and control, combined with an intuitive UI.”

In this report, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions considers not only medical devices and associated data but also the broader ecosystem of assets and systems that are critical to the successful delivery of connected care, including IoMT devices, networks, and building management systems.

It also highlights seven key capabilities of a connected medical device security solution:

  • Device Discovery and Asset Inventory Management
  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance with Medical Regulations
  • Analytics and Reporting

“The key differentiators for the Armis platform include strong risk and vulnerability management capabilities, its extensive Collective Asset Intelligence Engine, the agentless security approach, passive, real-time monitoring with no latency or disruption of operations, its querying capabilities, and the intelligent reporting and analytic tools that can help HDOs optimize usage/performance of their assets.”

Download your free copy of the report. See why Quadrant Knowledge Solutions believes Armis is uniquely positioned to help HDOs unite biomedical and security; and IT teams to identify, assess and secure IoMT, IoT, OT, and IT assets allowing for improved security, visibility, and utilization.

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