Security 101 for Clinical Engineering and Biomed Professionals

Armis – webinar – Security 101 – 1170×658

About the Webinar

Most medical device security initiatives in today’s healthcare enterprise environments have a confluence of use cases that bring together information security with clinical engineering workflows. These security architectures allow for seamless integration of threat telemetry with utilization management, device vulnerability impact with clinical safety and finally device behavior mapped to organizational relevance for clinical context.

This data overlap however, has yet to address the siloed knowledge gap between security and biomed teams. In this session, we unravel basic security concepts for clinical engineering and operational personnel that will help them correlate the need for cybersecurity together with their workflows relating to asset management, compliance and clinical quality.

Key Takeaways

  1. What security principles are important to clinical safety and quality
  2. Medical devices vs. healthcare device ecosystem
  3. Why does device behavior matter to clinical engineering troubleshooting
  4. CVEs…what are they and how do they align with safety recalls?
  5. Security incident response vs emergency management and how that can help you become more resilient