Out of sight, out of control: How to overcome your IT and OT asset monitoring challenges


IT and operational technology (OT) devices are becoming ever more numerous, diverse, and complex. While this has made organisations more productive and capable than ever before, it has also placed a huge management burden on the technology teams responsible for keeping this environment visible, up to date, and running smoothly. Simply keeping track of what assets you have and their status is a challenge in itself. The proliferation of connected devices and equipment also puts your organisation at greater risk of cyber security breaches – its increased attack surface offering more entry points to cyber criminals, and a greater risk of security vulnerabilities and outdated software. Therefore, it’s no surprise that IT and operations leaders across many industries are turning to purpose-built solutions that provide visibility and control across all their IT and OT assets, with the aims of reducing the resource burden of day-to-day management, achieving easier monitoring, cutting downtime, and ensuring more robust security.

In this Computing webinar, featuring bespoke end-user research, we discuss technology leaders’ current experiences and opinions when it comes to IT and OT asset monitoring challenges. We also explore how they’re overcoming these obstacles, the benefits they’ve seen, and their plans in this area over the next few years. In the process, we hope to answer questions such as, “Is an integrated approach to asset management now essential for many?” and “Is OT and IT convergence inevitable?

Key discussion areas:

  • You can’t secure what you can’t see
  • Key IT/OT asset visibility challenges faced
  • Plans/current maturity around adoption of asset management solutions
  • Successful strategies and solutions for managing infrastructure sprawl
  • The benefits seen by those who have adopted advanced asset management solutions
  • OT/IT asset management convergence

Presented by:

  • Andrew Hobbs, Technology Analyst & Head of Technology Content, Incisive Works
  • Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Incisive Media
  • Richard Groome, OT Specialist, Armis

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