Transform your Health IT security.

Create a resilient architecture that allows your organization to extend security for connected medical devices through the lens of patient safety, clinical quality, and high efficiency utilization.

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Born into a connected world, medical device security is foundational.

Advancements in the biotech industry in security architectures that blend enterprise IT risk with OT risk on the manufacturing side increase security transparency of the product life cycle.  Securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) requires threat modeling data drawn from asset inventories, application payloads, and custom protocols. The Armis Platform helps biotech communities bridge the gap in securing both new smart healthcare systems and legacy platforms for biomedical devices. 

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Data interoperability dampens the impact of security breaches.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO’s) are a big part of the patient’s journey through the healthcare ecosystem. Connected medical devices improve a patient’s experience from the hospital bedside, to home, to the doctor’s office or home computer. By understanding the full scope of risk to continuity of operations, the Armis Platform provides HDO’s with high fidelity information, security data visualization, and response capabilities through your entire clinical workflow context to help improve the quality of care and reduce inefficiencies at the same time.

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Transform healthcare information security.

Implementing a medical device security strategy for healthcare organizations often involves navigating multiple security risk frameworks alongside disparate solutions with limited threat context. This leads to ineffective security operations when taking action on medical device visibility data that lack risk context. The Armis Platform helps security teams with data visualization that can pivot based on the role of the incident responder using native integrations with your existing security architecture to contain incidents involving connected medical devices.

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Secure the delivery of care.

Improve clinical care delivery through real time risk management

Prevent attacks & ransomware

Understand the care delivery ecosystem

Extend beyond medical devices

Expanding ROI through integrations

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Focus on care quality and patient satisfaction

Effective delivery of care depends upon the uptime of connected medical devices as well as optimal performance predicated by appropriate configuration management. The Armis Platform helps Biomed/Clinical Engineering teams improve efficiency by providing high confidence telemetry data on utilization, vulnerability scoring, and network behavioral data.

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Transform SecOps efficiency

The impact of attacks for the Healthcare industry have changed from data exfiltration to impeding operations with a real impact on clinical care delivery. These attacks range from ransomware, to supply chain attacks, to identity compromise, leveraging vulnerabilities in IT hygiene that is systemic in healthcare organizations. The Armis Platform provides security teams prioritized threat data visualization combined with applied risk context to improve efficiency of incident response and reduce time needed for recovery.

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Understanding care happens beyond the hospital

A patient’s journey starts outside of the treatment area in a HDO, encountering devices like check in terminals, Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices in the waiting rooms/cafeteria’s and consumer IoT alongside the connected medical device ecosystem.  The Armis Platform protects all devices in that journey by understanding customized healthcare protocols for data sharing along and baselining device behavior thresholds that accounts for nuances in the way care is delivered by a particular organization 

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Care quality needs secure infrastructure

Proper threat modeling requires an understanding of workflows in healthcare organizations especially when IT architecture converge with systems used to main site operations. These could be Building Management Systems (BMS), physical security, parking garage systems, smart lighting etc. The Armis Platform provides a comprehensive view of devices used in ICS and OT use-cases, helping security teams get increased context to improve security operations.

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Utilizing value from existing investments

High fidelity security device visibility data from any security analytics architecture is the central focus area that drives decisions not only in response to an incident, but also during normal operations. A key part of that process is having workflow tuned integrations that allow security and IT teams to reduce the effort to take actions. The Armis Platform provides interoperability with industry leading Information Security, risk and asset management systems in order for organizations to be able to leverage their existing process while improving resilience at the same time.