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Solution Brief

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security

See, Protect, and Manage Your Healthcare Cybersecurity Landscape

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Healthcare organizations deliver lifesaving and life-improving care every day, and rely on medical devices to help patients, ensure better outcomes, and provide continuous care from intake to release. Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) are also the largest and most lucrative target for ransomware attacks in the world. Owing to the sensitive nature of the devices healthcare delivery organizations rely on, and the proximity to patient care of those devices, malicious actors have targeted HDOs for being more likely to pay ransomware demands to ensure continuity of patient care. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to secure the healthcare environment from cyberattacks.

Complicating the security of the healthcare environment is the variety of unique devices that make up modern healthcare services. More of the healthcare environment is connected than ever before, from the computers used for intake, to medical carts, to smartphones and laptops, even the HVAC system or building management systems. The most sensitive of these devices are often difficult to catalog and manage, consuming hours of time to do manually. Additionally, some of the most effective forms of security, like network segmentation, are incredibly difficult and time-consuming to implement.

Armis Centrix™ for Medical Device Security addresses the cybersecurity challenges of the modern healthcare environment, providing a solution that:

  • Increases visibility across the entire network
  • Discovers elusive medical devices without disruption
  • Improves cataloging and search efficiency for clinical engineers
  • Tracks vulnerabilities through the remediation process
  • Empowers effective network segmentation implementation and automation.

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