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Solution Brief

Extend Illumio Zero Trust Microsegmentation to OT and Healthcare Environments with Armis

As the number of connected devices across enterprises continues to rise globally, the risk of exposure to cyber risks for healthcare, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure environments, is significantly higher. The Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation solution offers efficient, granular control over dynamic environments. However, Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation only covers IT networks and lacks visibility into OT and IoMT networks and assets.

Combining Armis with Illumio provides a rich and detailed view into the converged IT / OT environment providing not only the mapping between devices but the knowledge and detail on each device to enhance the decision making process.

The Armis solution provides complete and continuous real-time visibility into every type of asset including OT assets and medical devices. This allows Illumio to properly segment and/or microsegment them appropriately.

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