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US government calls for strengthened cybersecurity efforts.


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Answering the call – Defending our nation’s critical infrastructure

The Biden Administration has called on the private sector to work alongside U.S. government agencies to implement best practices and harden the nation’s cyber defenses. As tensions between Russia and the rest of the world heighten with the invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. government is warning of potential cyberattacks against critical infrastructure – including water, energy and transportation sectors. Such an attack could disrupt the lives of millions of citizens, much like the Colonial Pipeline attack less than a year ago.

Armis is committed to working with our public and private sector customers and partners to close the IT/OT visualization gap and provide situational awareness of every asset so that our national infrastructure is protected. Check out these resources to learn more about how your organization can stay vigilant and prevent or mitigate potential attacks.


Cyberattacks have become so common that CISA has implemented a “SHIELDS UP” advisory providing updates on how Russia’s ongoing actions are impacting organizations beyond the immediate warzone along with guidance for preventing cyberattacks.