Understand your technical debt with Armis asset management

Mapping all your IT assets and uncovering technical debt with enterprise asset management (EAM) software helps improve business processes and reduce organizational risks.

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Enterprise asset management enhances IT visibility

Cleveland Independent School District deployed Armis to gain visibility into every device on their network. With crucial asset data at their fingertips, the school district has moved forward with an effective security strategy.

“We’re making million-dollar decisions based on the data that Armis provides us. In the long run, that translates to significant savings.”

Nguyen Bui
Director of IT
Cleveland Independent School District

a group of children appears using computers in what is an indication of the importance of deploying enterprise asset inventory management software to gain device visibility in schools

Armis for Enterprise

Complete Asset Visibility

Discover 5x more assets

Discover 5x more assets than CMDBs, including rogue and unmanaged assets, and gain a single, trusted source of asset truth for security and management efforts.

Contextual Intelligence

99% reduced investigation time

Cut SOC investigation time by more than 99% with multidimensional asset views that include identity, vulnerabilities, configuration, connections, changes, software, location, and more.

Continuous Asset Security

15% increase in agent coverage

Improve agent coverage by 15% and rely on ongoing behavioral insights from the world’s largest AI-powered Device Knowledgebase to detect risk and adapt trust in near real time.

Reduce Baseline Costs

Save 10% of license and hardware costs

Discover unused and overbilled software licenses to recover up to 10% of license costs and identify underutilized assets and capacity and deferring capital investments for new IT hardware by 10%.

A Single Source of Asset Truth

See and secure all assets within your environment with Armis and its Knowledgebase. Swiftly identify each asset and establish what is normal versus an anomaly in your IT space.


Understanding your Technical Debt

Uncovering and understanding technical debt helps reduce organizational risks. Discover how Armis helps you understand and avoid technical debt.


Identify IT Gaps

Gaps in host security deployments are all too common. Armis provides a window into every asset so you can eliminate gaps and optimize IT environment security.


Improve your IT Hygiene

IT hygiene has never been more important. Learn the steps you can take to reduce obstacles, focus on asset visibility, and improve your IT Hygiene to thwart future threats.



Overcoming the asset cybersecurity challenge

Cybersecurity asset management device discovery and risk assessment

Stay one step ahead of the threat in four simple ways

Armis Quick Asset Visibility Assessment

See what assets your go-to tools have been missing. Set up a quick one-on-one session with an Armis security expert who can help you get started in as little as 30 minutes.