Armis achieves final FedRAMP Authorization

Learn how your organization can stay vigilant and prevent or mitigate potential attacks.

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Armis helps law enforcement IT department carry out its mission to safeguard citizen data

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Closing Hidden Security Gaps in Zero Trust Architectures

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Asset Visibility and Security Solutions for the Public Sector

Helping government agencies and educational institutions See and Secure EVERY THING™

Every day, public sector organizations rely on IT infrastructure to support and power mission critical activities. However, the past few years have seen fundamental change. Continued migration to the cloud, the move to mobile and BYOD, the convergence of IT/OT/IoT, and the sharp increase in remote working have changed how the public sector must approach cybersecurity. 

As the number of connected devices in the workplace grows, the IT and security tools previously relied on are becoming ineffective. Due to an explosion of endpoints, many public sector organizations experience a “visibility gap” where IT and security leaders can’t see all the vulnerable assets within their environment.

In today’s threat environment, government data and citizen safety are at risk. Public sector agencies need help and most are already facing budget pressures and expensive compliance requirements.

Armis Can Help

Armis provides unified asset visibility and security in a single platform purpose-built for this new threat landscape of connected devices. Our platform gives government agencies and educational institutions the most comprehensive inventory of assets available today, along with real-time actionable situational awareness of vulnerabilities.

Why Armis?

The Armis solution closes the visibility gap and protects the mission.

Easy and fast to deploy – most customers can deploy in one hour

Rapid time to value

Visibility to all unmanaged and IoT devices – unlike other security controls

Passive and agentless – won’t impact your network or critical devices

Internal Device Knowledgebase knows more about more devices and their behavior (proper and improper) than any other provider

Integrates with existing client workflows and systems – no vendor lock-in, technology agnostic

On the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) Approved Product List

Simplify the Procurement Process

To better serve our customers, Armis is listed on a variety of contract vehicles, including the GSA MAS, SEWP, and others.

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Experience Partnering with Armis

We believe that establishing long-term relationships with our partners allows us to best serve the growing and varied needs of the public sector. Start realizing the benefits of a successful partnership today!

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Armis Out and About

Armis believes meeting and interacting with customers, prospects, and partners is important.  We participate in a variety of events, in-person and virtual, throughout the year.

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Get real-time visibility and control over every asset connected to your network.

Identify true risk. Proactively mitigate threats.

Get a one-on-one Armis Platform demo with an asset security expert.