Join the New Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

Armis Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

Given the unprecedented geopolitical situation, it’s paramount that every critical infrastructure provider in the U.S. and NATO countries be able to answer critical questions:

  • What is connected to my network?
  • What are these devices doing while connected?
  • Is my IT infrastructure an avenue to my OT operations?
  • Are there active exploits crossing my enterprise?
  • What is the risk posture of our devices and our organization? 
  • How safe is our critical infrastructure? 
  • Do I have critical vulnerabilities within my OT network?

Armis delivers complete asset visibility, identifies risk postures, and orchestrates the actions necessary to protect the enterprise which includes passing real-time information into existing platforms such as scanners, firewalls, NACs, and xDR solutions.

The Armis Critical Infrastructure Protection Program includes:

  • 3 months complimentary of the Armis Platform
  • Operational Technology (OT) Policy Library
  • 1 collector for  passive network traffic analysis within IT or OT segments
  • Vulnerability, threat detection and threat intelligence engines
  • Armis Security Architect and Deployment Manager
  • Access to the Armis partner community for detection, incident response, and forensic services
  • Pre-built integrations for existing security platforms, such as scanners, firewalls, NACs, WLC, endpoint protection, and MDR solutions such as Kroll