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Feb 18, 2021

Armis + Viakoo Ensure All of Your Assets are Visible, Operational and Secure

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The number of connected Enterprise IoT devices used in workplaces across all industries is exploding. Experts say that by 2025, we should expect more than 40 billion of these devices interwoven into our everyday lives. And although these devices help improve efficiency and reliability, they lack the management and security needed to keep them safe from cyberattacks. 

Security professionals struggle to secure these devices because:

  • Most enterprise IoT, operational technology (OT), and biomedical devices have known vulnerabilities, but limited onboard security controls.
  • Traditional asset management and security products can’t see unmanaged and IoT devices because they can’t host software agents.
  • Active network scanners can cause sensitive OT equipment or critical patient-connected medical devices to malfunction.
  • Misconfigured or unpatched devices can expose vulnerabilities that widen an already massive attack surface, creating considerable risk.

Automatically Discover and Remediate Unmanaged and IoT Device Risks

When an out-of-compliance device is found, the best outcome is to remediate potential risks and return the device to service. That’s what makes today’s announcement of our integration with the Viakoo Action Platform such a compelling story.

The Armis Agentless Device Platform can see five times more assets than traditional IT and security products like vulnerability management, EDR, and CMDB. The platform also identifies security gaps and device vulnerabilities, detects threats and anomalous behavior, and automates policy enforcement.

The Viakoo platform uses this information to remediate risks on devices automatically, ensuring they are operational, secured, and working as expected. The actions Viakoo takes include triggering firmware updates, forcing password rotations, refreshing certificates, and more. Together, this joint solution helps organizations realize the full value these devices offer while ensuring they are safe and secure. Devices that can’t be remediated by Viakoo continue to be monitored by Armis for suspicious or malicious behavior and quarantine.

Together, Armis and Viakoo provide organizations with:

  • Comprehensive visibility: Every device 100% visible, operational, and secure
  • Value for multiple stakeholders: Benefits facilities, IT, security teams
  • Improved compliance: Easy to prove/pass corporate or regulatory audits of IoT security across the entire organization.
  • Cost savings: Reduced time and resources identify and secure enterprise IoT and even eliminate legacy solutions.
  • Better business outcomes: The assurance that security for unmanaged and IoT devices doesn’t compromise their intended business value.

Identify and Classify Devices in Any Environment

Without any agents or active scanning, the Armis platform discovers all devices in your environment — managed, unmanaged, OT, medical, and IoT — on or off your network and in your airspace — giving you the most comprehensive asset inventory available. Like Armis, Viakoo is also agentless and passive. It performs application-based discovery, finding devices by first looking at the software applications that use IoT devices as sensors (e.g., video cameras) and then following the path from the application to the specific devices. This provides additional information about configuration, usage, performance, and device relationships, yielding a full complement of device data.

Understand and Respond to Device Risks

Armis calculates a risk score for every device based on factors like known vulnerabilities, known attack patterns, and a device’s behavior. Viakoo can use this information to identify out-of-compliance devices and eliminate risk by taking actions such as triggering a firmware update, a certificate refresh, or a forced password change. This automated mitigation response reduces risk and costs by efficiently updating vulnerable devices, ensuring they have an improved security posture.

Frictionless Deployment and Integration

The Armis and Viakoo platforms don’t require any additional hardware in your environment. Both install in as little as minutes, using the infrastructure you already have, with no network changes. Armis integrates with Viakoo and your other IT security and management systems just as easily, from your firewall to your NAC to your SIEM, letting you realize greater value and more automated response.

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