Unify asset visibility.

More than 90% of enterprise assets are invisible. That’s because yesterday’s IT and security tools can’t see today’s digital, connected devices.

Armis can.

Now, for the first time, see every asset in any environment, and get actionable insights to make faster, more confident business decisions.

Just how big is your asset visibility problem?


Effortless, accurate, 100% asset visibility.

Eliminate blind spots.

See every asset with zero risk of impacting critical business operations. You get 100% visibility across managed, unmanaged, IT, OT, IoT, IIoT, virtual, and cloud environments—all with zero downtime.

100% visibility for every asset in any environment.

Reduce risk exposure.

Armis combines the industry’s deepest real-time behavioral analytics with our proprietary research and premium threat intelligence for best-in-class insights to detect risks and policy violations.

Infinite insights from over 2B devices uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Take confident actions.

Use real-time collective intelligence to make policy recommendations that protect your environment and maintain business continuity and resiliency.

Continuous, 24/7 risk assessment and threat detection.

From data to decisions in minutes.

Our customers say the Armis platform sees 50-70% more devices than any other security product they have ever used.

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Reduce effort. Improve accuracy. Manage Risk.

Asset Inventory

Automate your cybersecurity asset management processes, improve your accuracy, and get a single, unified view of your assets like you’ve never seen before.

Critical Context

Reap the benefits of collective intelligence from over 1 billion assets. The Armis Device Knowledgebase provides critical context about devices and their expected behavior.

Software Visibility

Find vulnerabilities in software and firmware, and know what’s running on your network, including devices missing critical software or updates that keep them running safely.

Risk Assessment

See for yourself how the Armis platform provides better visibility and actionable insights. Get started in 30 minutes or less.

Only the Armis platform gives you 100% visibility.

You need a solution that can identify 100% of the assets in your environment along with the rich device context necessary to assess your risks and secure your business.

Unprecedented unified visibility.

The most complete OT/ICS, IoMT, and IT asset inventory: Discover all assets in your environment —managed, unmanaged, IoT, industrial, and medical devices, applications, cloud & virtual instances.

Confident protection in sensitive environments.

The Armis Platform offers the best agentless monitoring and is 100% passive. This is critical as many devices simply can’t take a traditional security agent and scanning can disrupt or crash sensitive environments.

Device identification and classification.

Get rich device details and context. Identify the device type, even without an agent by manufacturer, model, IP, and MAC address, OS, reputation, username, and more.

It’s time to do something different.

How can I get a single Asset Inventory without having to manually gather and catalog via spreadsheet?

It doesn’t matter if your business assets take the form of traditional devices like computers and servers, or new connected devices like IoT, medical devices, OT/ICS, and more, they all need to be recorded and managed. But doing this manually using spreadsheet exports from different tools is painful and prone to errors. The Armis platform brings together all of your asset information from across your IT and security tools and adds to it unique insights from the Armis Device Knowledgebase. This gives you a unified view of every device across any environment, and critical context you can use to make better, faster business decisions.

What assets do I have that are near or at end-of-life and what risk do they pose?

Most organizations have corporate policies about how old assets can be before they have to be retired and replaced. That goes for both hardware and software assets. But what about assets that can’t be updated or retired? The Armis platform provides clear visibility into what assets in your environment are near- or at end-of-life. It can also tell you which critical assets can no longer be updated along with ways you can keep these devices and software in production while also maintaining the safety and security of your organization and its data.

How can I find out what assets are actually being used?

Getting the best return on your investment means making sure assets utilization is just right. Technology that’s not being used isn’t providing any value, and those that are overutilized can increase your costs unexpectedly. The Armis platform provides important insights into how your hardware and software assets are being used. It can even inform you about things like what software is being used in your environment so you can more closely monitor license usage for better cost management.

How do I classify my devices with enough context to know what it is?

To most IT and security tools, similar assets are mostly identical. But in reality, no two assets are ever exactly alike. And just because two assets are similar, that doesn’t mean they are intended to perform similar functions. The Armis platform leverages the collective intelligence of the Armis Device Knowledgebase to determine not just what a device is, but what it’s supposed to be doing. This level of context helps you better understand your attack surface, including which devices are critical and may require different treatment those considered less critical to business operations.

Is there an easier way to enrich my CMDB without all the manual effort, and in real-time?

Your CMDB is supposed to be a single source of truth—but is it? That trust breaks down when data goes stale or is incomplete. Today’s business environment is very fluid. Employees and vendors come and go through your environment. Servers come on and offline, and workstations change IP addresses. And with virtual machines spinning up and down rapidly, it’s nearly impossible for CMDB to keep its data fresh and accurate. The Armis platform automatically provides your ITAM and CMDB with real-time information about all assets, including the unmanaged devices these tools miss. This helps keep the data in your CMDB updated at all times, so you’re better equipped to take more accurate, decisive actions.

How can I stop manual asset inventory which takes too much time and is usually inaccurate?

Today’s enterprise technology stack is filled with a variety of IT, security, and asset management tools. While these all serve individual purposes, they have two major shortcomings: they can’t see 70% or more of the devices in your environment, and few of them work together, leaving you with multiple screens to manage and disparate data siloed across multiple products. The Armis platform fixes this problem by unifying all of the asset information these products create, providing you with a unified view of every asset across any environment.

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IoT Breakthrough Award

Fortress Cyber Security Award

Businesses in all industries trust Armis.

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We rolled out Industry 4.0 in all our facilities and needed a holistic view of the manufacturing floor as we know you can’t protect what you can’t see. Armis is critical for us to identify and protect all our assets as part of our Industry 4.0 efforts.

CISO & VP Enterprise Information Technology

Mattress Firm

Armis gave us the visibility we needed of all the devices across our networks from our BedQuarters to our stores in the field. It is critical for us to see these devices, and to understand what they were doing.

Director of Cybersecurity
MattressFirm store in Fargo, North Dakota


We chose Armis for our security and asset management needs at Docusign. Actionable visibility was critical as a part of our overall security strategy. Armis has a game-changing approach that lets us see more assets and devices than we ever thought we had, and more than any other solution we looked at — by far the best in the industry. I’ve used them before for anything from IT hygiene, policy validation and compliance, and device security, and Armis is the best tool in the market.

SVP, Chief Trust & Security Officer


Asset inventory is critical for any security footprint. If you do not understand what is on your network if you don’t understand what is in your infrastructure, how would you even begin to secure those devices? There are many different facets that I can get out of Armis. It’s going to help me understand my attack surface. It’s going to help me understand the risk at the endpoint, and it’s also going to give risk scoring from the unmanaged device, the IoT perspective.

Chief Information Security Officer
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Mondelēz International

Our connected factories, assembly lines and distribution centers are key enablers in accelerating our growth and it is essential that they run reliably. Our manufacturing systems operate around the clock so we can provide high-quality products for customers all over the world. By using Armis, we have further enhanced our visibility and control to ensure production is not disrupted.

Global Chief Information Officer

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