Armis Cybersecurity Asset Management

The Armis Asset Intelligence & Security Platform aggregates, deduplicates, and normalizes asset data from your existing solutions to provide an always accurate inventory, uncover security gaps, and automate action — streamlining your operations.

From Chaos to Control: Simplifying Cybersecurity Asset Management

Drowning in a sea of fragmented security data?

The average security organization has 76 security tools to manage. Each of these tools generates independent data points, leading to a fragmented view of security. This siloed sea of data makes it difficult to answer basic questions about outdated Windows devices, missing endpoint security agents, or legacy systems.

Gain Complete Asset Visibility and a Single Source of Truth

Say goodbye to manual cross-referencing and hello to complete asset visibility. The Armis Platform seamlessly integrates with your existing IT and security tools, aggregating, deduplicating, and normalizing data for every asset in your environment. Finally, you’ll have a single source of truth, with a complete, accurate, and real-time asset inventory that streamlines your operations.

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Unleash the Power of Contextualized Asset Intelligence

Armis goes beyond basic inventory management. Our Collective Asset Intelligence Engine adds contextual intelligence to every asset, allowing your IT and Security teams to prioritize remediation efforts based on risk and criticality. With Armis, you’ll have the insights to make informed decisions and take action where it matters most.

Effortless Compliance with Automated Policy Enforcement

Compliance shouldn’t be a headache. Armis empowers you to define automated policies that enforce security controls across all your devices. From triggering vulnerability scans to creating CMDB entries, Armis ensures you meet industry regulations and standards effortlessly.

Automate Security Policies

Solving Foundational Cybersecurity Challenges with Armis

Armis isn’t just another tool – it’s the solution you’ve been waiting for. Let us help you overcome common cybersecurity challenges and take your security posture to new heights.


Identify & Eliminate Security Gaps with Ease

No more guessing games. Armis helps validate the implementation of your existing security controls (EDR, vulnerability scanners, etc.) and identify gaps in deployment. It finds all assets that are not protected and helps remediate the issues quickly. Stay informed in real-time, track progress effortlessly, and enhance your security posture.

Tackle Technical Debt & Security Hygiene Head-On

Don’t let outdated systems put you at risk. Armis provides a clear understanding of what’s in your network, including physical and virtual assets and your software assets. It identifies old operating systems that are no longer supported and ensures that agent versions are up-to-date. With Armis, you can monitor all of these in minutes, reducing your risk and avoiding the unnecessary cost that legacy systems entail.


Enhance Your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with Complete, Rich, and Always Accurate Data

Your CMDB is the heart of asset information, and Armis ensures it beats with accuracy and completeness. We keep your CMDB up to date and provide the additional information you need for a comprehensive view of your assets. With Armis, your CMDB will become a trusted resource that powers your security operations.

Achieve Accessible, Reliable & Comprehensive Compliance

Armis helps you adhere to your internal compliance requirements and prepare for external audits. Whether it’s NIST, CIS Controls, GDPR, NIS2, or other regulations, you can use Armis to ensure your security standards are met, avoid human errors in data collections, and pass your audits with flying colors.

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Customer Success Story: Cleveland Independent School District

The Cleveland Independent School District deployed Armis to gain comprehensive visibility into every device on its network. With crucial asset data at its fingertips, the school district has developed an effective security strategy. 

“We’re making million-dollar decisions based on the data that Armis provides us. In the long run, that translates to significant savings.”

Nguyen Bui
Director of IT
Cleveland Independent School District

Ready to Take Control of Your IT Assets?

The time for fragmented data and manual labor is over. Armis is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Gain complete asset visibility, enhance your security posture, and leave the ‘security mess’ behind. Embrace the power of Armis today and unlock a new era of cybersecurity asset management.

We’ll show you how to access:

  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory: Full device identification and classification
  • Enhanced Risk Management: Real-time and continuous vulnerability assessment
  • Detection and Response: Automatic policy-based enforcement 
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