Threat detection & response.

Armis passively monitors all unmanaged and IoT devices on your network and in your airspace to detect malicious behavior.

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You need to monitor unmanaged devices.

Chances are good that you have a large number of highly vulnerable unmanaged devices in your environment, but you have no way to monitor them. Security agents can’t be installed on them. Log management systems and SIEMs don’t work because unmanaged devices don’t generate logs. So, you’re flying blind. The risks are real. According to F-Secure, cyberattacks on IoT devices surged 300% in 2019.

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Ensure assets are secured. Always. Everywhere.

100% passive traffic monitoring.

The Armis agentless device security platform passively monitors traffic on your network and in your airspace to continuously monitor the state and behavior of all devices in and around your network. We don’t scan your network or probe your devices because these approaches can disrupt sensitive IoT devices, potentially causing loss of life and breakdown of business processes.

Device Knowledge base.

Armis compares the real-time state and behavior of each device on your network and in your environment to the “known good” baselines that we store in our Device Knowledgebase. Our Device Knowledgebase contains over 10,000,000 different device profiles—the largest in the industry. Each profile contains up to 8000 different device characteristics; these characteristics are crowd-sourced from existing customers and gleaned from public sources such as manufacturers and threat intelligence organizations.

Threat detection engine.

Armis’ cloud-based threat detection engine uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect when a device is operating outside of its normal “known good” baseline. This deviation can be caused by a device misconfiguration, a policy violation, abnormal behavior such as inappropriate connection requests or unusual software running on a device, or threat intelligence that indicates that the device has been compromised.

Fast and easy to deploy.

Armis is a cloud-based solution that does not use agents, nor does it require that you install any additional hardware on-premises. As a result, Armis can be up and running in minutes to hours. Armis leverages built-in expert knowledge, which means you don’t need to add staff or spend time manually defining threats or risks via policies.

Learn how Armis detects threats in your environment.