Reveal risk with our complimentary Critical Infrastructure Protection Program

The Armis AVM module goes beyond vulnerability scanning to address the full cyber risk management lifecycle. Understand asset risk. Secure vulnerable assets. Control your attack surface.

Our customers say it all.



“From an overall security perspective, visibility into the manufacturing area was a big thing for us. We needed a tool to see what our plants are doing in order to better support them in terms of their security posture— and Armis fit the bill perfectly,”

Shem Stephens
Information Security Engineer

Allegro Microsystems

“The challenge I put forth to the Armis people when they launched the proof-of-value (PoV) was this: ‘show me the smoking gun.’ What is the smoking gun? It’s something we are not able to identify with any of the other tools we already had in place. And sure enough, Armis did just that.”

Phil Stathas
VP and CIO
Allegro Microsystems

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Armis for OT

3x more insights

Discover, classify, and get rich context for every OT asset—including SCADA, PLCs, and DCS—and the support devices that keep facilities operational.

10x deeper awareness

Streamline workflows and speed vulnerability patching with easy access to granular asset details and prioritized, actionable risk-related insights on assets and their connections.

99% improved response

Preventing the expansion of an event, mitigating its effects, and resolving it quickly requires toolsets that interoperate seamlessly together and focus attention where it’s needed most.

50% better efficacy

Rely on adaptive trust and policy enforcement and cut risk in half with access to real-time collective intelligence to inform policy recommendations that underpin continuity and resiliency.

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“Your workspace is your enemies attack space”
Dan Hoffman, former CIA executive