Looking Forward After a Critical Turning
Point for OT Security

After a long year of increasing attacks on critical infrastructure, it is clear we cannot continue with the status quo. Join us for a 45-min panel discussion and hear from industry experts as they discuss OT/IT convergence and share key insights on how to manage risk and secure operational technologies in harmony with your IT environments.

 In addition, we’ll share a brief demo of an emulated attack on a maritime port and how to detect and mitigate the attack.



Brian Padden
VP Global OT Security & Information Security Europe


Sid Snitkin, Ph.D.
Vice-President Cybersecurity Services
ARC Advisory Group


Nadir Izrael
Founder and CTO

Moderated by Chris Dobrec, VP Product Marketing, Armis
Technical showcase by Keith Walsh, Global OT Principal Solution Architect, Armis


  • Why visibility across converged OT and IT assets and environments is more urgent than ever.

    Sid Snitkin and Nadir Izrael

  • Applying best practices to address the security gaps created by convergence.

    Panel Discussion

  • Technical OT Showcase— how unified visibility and collective asset intelligence may be the keys to your long term strategy.

    Keith Walsh

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By 2025, 75% of OT security solutions will be delivered via multifunction platforms interoperable with IT security solutions1. The OT air gap has dissolved. In today’s connected world, advanced digital industrial control systems, smart manufacturing technologies and even building management systems are making it easier and more efficient to manage outputs and processes.

New advances in robotics, automation, and other supply chain technologies are changing how we manage and secure connected OT and IT environments. It is time to consider:

  • Visibility and control requirements for OT environments have outgrown niche OT security solutions.
  • Why an enterprise solution will be key to protecting the broad range of OT, IT and IIoT.
  • The importance of sharing credible and valued information when working across OT and IT teams.

1Gartner Market Guide for Operational Technology Security, Katell Thieleman and Wam Voster. January 13, 2021, Updated April 13, 2021.