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Dec 08, 2021

Armis and Eseye Jointly Win Computing’s IoT and Edge Computing Security Award

Armis and Eseye Jointly Win Computing’s IoT and Edge Computing Security Award

Computing recently announced that Armis and our strategic alliance partner, Eseye, were jointly recognized for the IoT and Edge Computing Security Award as part of their Computing Security Excellence Awards.

Just a few months prior to this award, Eseye and Armis entered into partnership to deliver a secure solution for any IoT device connecting to any network. Together the joint solution provides enterprise-class security and consistent, reliable, and high-performing cellular (4G/LTE/5G) connectivity without requiring agents or deploying additional hardware or software.

Eseye’s unique Connectivity Management Platform enables devices to switch intelligently to any one of over 700 GSMA-compliant carriers to maximise uptime with near 100% global coverage. The Armis Agentless Device Security Platform provides device discovery, monitoring, and behavioural risk assessments, and automatically responds to anomalies that put devices at risk. Together, this joint solution ensures organisations can deploy and secure virtually any type of IoT device globally, to any network, with confidence.

The judges on the award panel stated that Eseye and Armis’ agentless security solution for IoT and edge computing devices “has a broad usage capability and is not restricted to a particular industry. Its use cases, tech, and adoption show great potential.”

“Armis is extremely pleased to partner with Eseye and to already see success in the market with this recognition from Computing,” said Ed Barry, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Armis. “We are honoured to have been selected for this award and are eager to demonstrate to the global market that together we can make digital transformation safe for all unmanaged and IoT devices, deployed globally across different mobile network operators.”

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