The Next Phase of Armis by Yevgeny Dibrov

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Solution Brief

Armis + Eseye

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Making Digital Transformation Safe for All Unmanaged and IoT Devices

Organizations with enterprise IoT devices deployed globally across different mobile network operators (MNOs) need to ensure uptime and business continuity, especially in a dynamic economy that demands mobile and remote device connectivity now more than ever.
Losing connectivity, or worse, losing the ability to access your devices due to a cyber-attack, can be costly, brand-damaging, and bad for your organization’s bottom line.

But updating the software and operating systems these unmanaged and IoT devices rely on is difficult, and sometimes impossible. And you can’t install software agents on these devices, which leaves them invisible to traditional security products and increases the risk of attack.

Armis® and Eseye deliver a global, secure connectivity solution for any unmanaged or IoT device on any network. Eseye’s unique Connectivity Management Platform allows cellular IoT devices to intelligently switch to any one of over 700 GSMA-compliant carriers to maximize device uptime and delivering greater than 98% global coverage.

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