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The Top 5 Ways to Advance Threat Hunting in Your Organization with Early Warning Detection

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At its core, threat hunting is a cybersecurity approach where analysts actively and iteratively search through assets in their environment to detect threats that evade existing defense, detection, and response capabilities. Unlike traditional security measures that react to alerts, threat hunting involves proactively seeking out the adversary before they signal their presence.

But like skilled detectives, a threat hunting analyst’s effectiveness is contingent on the quality of intelligence they can access and the evidence they can compile. To achieve a more sophisticated and bullet-proof approach to threat hunting, analysts must pursue timely, accurate, and evidence-based intelligence. This should leverage early warning detection to prioritize the actions of threat actors.

For organizations looking to fortify their defenses and adopt a smarter approach to threat hunting with timely, accurate, and evidence-based intelligence, Armis has prepared the Top 5 Ways to Advance Threat Hunting in Your Organization with Early Warning Detection, including:

  1. Build a solid foundation for early warning detection
  2. Emphasize AI with machine learning for multi-faceted intelligence
  3. Seek solutions that prove evidence-based, timely and accurate “before the attack” capabilities
  4. Customize with purpose and seek ROI
  5. Empower integrations

Read this white paper to learn more about these and discover how Armis Centrix™ for Actionable Threat Intelligence redefines proactive cybersecurity, offering organizations an advanced, insightful, and pre-emptive approach to combating digital threats.

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