Keeping IoT Devices Safe & Connected On Mobile Networks


Keep IoT Devices Safe & Connected On Mobile Networks

Our dynamic global economy demands mobile and remote device connectivity now more than ever. Losing connectivity, or worse, losing the ability to access your devices due to a cyber-attack, can be costly, brand-damaging, and bad for your organization’s bottom line. 

Armis® and Eseye deliver a global, secure connectivity solution for any unmanaged or IoT device on any network. Eseye allows cellular IoT devices to intelligently switch to any one of over 700 GSMA-compliant carriers to maximize device uptime and deliver greater than 98% global coverage. Armis discovers and monitors devices, continuously assesses vulnerabilities, risks, and policy violations, and automatically responds to anomalies that could put you at risk. 

Join us to learn about how organizations with unmanaged and IoT devices on local and remote business networks (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.), and on mobile (4G/LTE/5G) networks can:

  • Deploy devices with a unified security and IoT connectivity solution
  • Understand your attack surface so you can manage risk more effectively
  • Detect and respond to risk and threats quickly and automatically
  • Leverage the rich data Armis provides to add value to existing IT and security tools


  • Peter Doggart, VP of Business Development, Armis 
  • Ian Marsden, CTO and Co-Founder, Eseye

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