The Next Phase of Armis by Yevgeny Dibrov

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IT Hygiene: Is It Time for Some “Spring Cleaning”?

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Assets, assets everywhere and not a device to spare… Do you often wonder where all the devices being constantly deployed go and if employees are actually using them? Maybe some employees prefer their BYODs and never use their expensive corporate laptop.

The Armis Asset Intelligence Platform provides a complete, trusted inventory of all your connected assets—and a proven way to streamline IT hygiene. In this technical demo, you will learn how Armis helps you:

  • Gain a unified view of ALL your assets, including software, in hours
  • Quickly visualize common IT hygiene challenges
  • Take automated actions, based on policy, so that you only need to configure your IT “spring clean” one time.

Listen to Dean Plant, Director – Enterprise Strategy at Armis and Desiree Lee, Field CTO at Armis, as they walk you through key platform capabilities.

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