How Medical Device and IoT Profiles are Evolving – But So is Your Attack Surface

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In recent years, with the wake of numerous attacks, there has been a push to understand the risks posed by smart devices. While helping revolutionize the way the world operates, the innovation and convenience has often overshadowed – and sometimes completely – their security implications.

This webinar will explore evolution of the ‘traditional’ medical device profiles in one of the most critical and attacked industries in the world – healthcare. The first part of the presentation will look at a traditional model of a medical device.

The second part of the presentation will look at how these devices along with other support devices in a healthcare ecosystem – such as building automation, and facility security devices – have evolved both from a composition and functionality perspective. A discussion into how this changed the lifecycle management of such devices – from development and procurement to deployment – including challenges the various risk management teams face in healthcare organizations.

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