Network segmentation through NAC augmentation.

Augment your existing Network Access Control (NAC) deployments to enforce network segmentation based on policy.

Network Access

The NAC gap.

The most common approach for performing network segmentation today is via Network Access Control. Unfortunately, NAC systems can be complex to deploy and have poor visibility to all the devices on the network – specifically medical, OT and IoT devices.

Segmentation Fault

Complete visibility.

For network segmentation projects to succeed, what is needed is complete visibility to all devices on the network and full context about the behavior & security posture of each device.

air gap network

Actionable intelligence.

The Armis Agentless Device Security Platform can use this contextual knowledge of each device to automatically generate segmentation policies based on the needs of each device. These policies ensure that devices have access to the resources they need and reduce their exposure to threats. 

segmentation fault