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Secure and Optimize the Patient Journey Through Asset Intelligence

operating room with device alerts

Armis Aligns with the Modern Cybersecurity Needs of Healthcare Organizations

Attain Full Asset Visibility, Security, and Control

From the car park to the operating theater, and from community care to the emergency room, every stage of a patient’s encounter with a healthcare organization, whether virtual or in person, is now more connected than ever. Even before arriving for their appointment, patients engage with connected parking systems, door access controls, check-in kiosks, and the environmental controls of the building, all before encountering the highly connected medical devices—from infusion pumps to wearable monitors.

As healthcare organizations embrace a myriad of connected assets, each playing a crucial role in site operations and patient care, the cyber attack surface is constantly expanding. Attacks target our healthcare systems to distribute ransomware and attempt data theft, increasing the likelihood of service disruption and posing an unacceptable risk to patient safety.

Armis Centrix™ is uniquely positioned to enable healthcare providers to detect and identify all managed and unmanaged assets, whether IT, OT, IoT, or IoMT, to comprehensively visualize and monitor the entire attack surface, mitigate cyber threats, and increase infrastructure resilience to ensure continuous quality patient care.

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