The Next Phase of Armis by Yevgeny Dibrov

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Solution Brief

Operational Technology Security

OT asset management for an automated production line

Agentless Device Security For Modern OT/ICS Environments

The security needs of Operational Technology (OT) environments are changing. The airgap that used to isolate OT devices from the Internet is rapidly dissolving, and this exposes OT devices to threats from hackers and Internet-borne malware. Furthermore, OT devices are typically vulnerable: they are hard to patch, they run outdated versions of software, and they can’t be monitored or protected by traditional IT security products. This puts OT environments and human safety at risk.

The Armis Agentless Security Platform

Armis® is the first agentless, enterprise-class security platform purpose-built to address the new threat landscape targeting OT environments. It discovers every device (managed, unmanaged, OT/ICS, IIoT, etc.) on your OT and IT networks and in your airspace. Once the platform discovers each device, it analyzes device behavior to identify risks and protect critical OT environments from attacks. The platform is cloud-based, agentless, completely passive, and integrates easily with your existing network and security products.

The Armis platform passively monitors wired and wireless traffic to identify each device and understand its behavior without disruption. In addition, it fully integrates and correlates with any other security solution that might be deployed to give a really rich, unified picture. The platform then compares the real-time device state and behavior to “known-good” baselines for similar devices it has seen in other environments. These devices are tracked in the Armis Device Knowledgebase—the largest such knowledgebase with over one billion devices (and growing). When a device operates outside of its baseline, the Armis platform issues an alert, or it can disconnect or quarantine the device automatically.

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