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Training at Armis

We believe that a trained customer is an effective customer. The product training we deliver is designed to ensure you have the knowledge required to use the Armis agentless device security platform successfully and effectively. All of our training offerings provide you the maximum amount of practical information delivered in the shortest amount of time to help you become self-sufficient and productive as quickly as possible.

Armis Essentials

Our training begins with Armis Essentials, which provides the foundational information about the Armis Agentless Device Security Platform. After an introduction to the industry and to the issues that need to be solved, we will be getting into more detail about the Armis platform and its architecture. A deeper dive using the platform will show you how to use Armis and includes our best practices. (3 hours)

Armis Query Language & Policy Building

For those providing day-to-day operations, the Armis Query Language and Policy Building course is available. To enable you to focus on your critical use cases for securing the entire device population, the Armis system supports a very powerful and simple-to-use Query Builder function that is available globally within the platform allowing you to zero in on even sophisticated combinations of criteria with a few clicks. This course provides an overview of the AQL syntax and how to use it to build effective queries and policies. (3 hours)

Ask Armis Anything

Ask Armis Anything is a regularly scheduled web-based session that provides an opportunity for customers who have taken training to come and ask follow-up and clarifying questions. Each session will have an Armis expert available to provide the answers to your questions. (1 hour)

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Delivery Options

Virtual Instructor-Led Public Classes 

Regularly scheduled virtual classes provide the ability to take our training from a location of your choice virtually across the internet. This live, online option combines demonstrations and hands-on labs to enable you to learn and practice using the Armis platform.

Onsite Instructor-led Private Classes

Private on-site training is available when you have a large number of students to train. Armis Training can deliver Armis Essentials and/or Armis Query Language and Policy Builder with hands-on exercises at your location.

Virtual Instructor-Led Dedicated Classes 

Rather than join the public schedule, dedicate a class for just your employees. Classes still run virtually with the convenience of taking the class from anywhere, but with the added ability to converse with colleagues and the instructor so you can focus on the needs of your organization.

Self-Paced Learning

The ability to take classes on demand at a time that is convenient for you. We have created modules of the Armis Essentials course and other niche topics as self-paced eLearning.

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Armis University is your gateway to on-demand self-paced training modules and for scheduling Virtual Instructor-led Public classes. You can request access by sending your name and company from your company email to

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