The Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine

The world’s largest asset knowledgebase tracking over three billion devices⁠ — and growing.

Armis Device Knowledgebase

A universe of assets.

Core to the Armis Platform is our Collective Asset Intelligence Engine. It is a giant, crowd-sourced, cloud-based asset behavior knowledgebase—the largest in the world, tracking over three billion assets—and growing.

Each profile includes unique device information such as how often each asset communicates with other devices, over what protocols, how much data is typically transmitted, whether the asset is usually stationary, what software runs on each asset, etc. And we record and keep a history on everything each asset does.

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Context matters.

With our Collective Asset Intelligence Engine, Armis understands not only what the asset is and what it is doing, but what it should be doing. This is because we understand the context of each asset in its use in each environment.

After all, a tablet is not just a tablet. It may be used to check people in at an office lobby, to drive a video conferencing solution in a boardroom, or run a production line, or used by a doctor in an emergency room. Context is critical to know the correct behavioral profile of a asset.

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Asset insights driving security.

These asset insights enable Armis to classify assets and detect threats with a high degree of accuracy. Armis compares real-time asset state and behavior to “known-good” baselines for similar assets we have seen in other environments. When a asset operates outside of its baseline, Armis issues an alert or can automatically disconnect or quarantine an asset.

Alerts can be triggered by a policy violation, a misconfiguration, or abnormal behavior like inappropriate connection requests or unexpected software running on an asset. The Collective Asset Intelligence Engine tracks all managed, unmanaged, and IoT assets Armis has seen across all our customers.

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