Armis Acquires Silk Security

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Case Study

Regional Healthcare Provider Creates a Single Source of Truth from Multiple Data Feeds

Armis Helps Set the Foundation for a Strong Security Program

A large, highly respected regional healthcare provider took a major step toward building a more cohesive and integrated security infrastructure by deploying the Armis Asset Intelligence Platform at all locations. This enabled the organization to consolidate data from existing tools and build an accurate and comprehensive asset inventory. Armis is also vastly accelerating the identification of FDA-recalled biomedical devices to ensure safe delivery of quality care to patients.

This regional hospital network provides healthcare services for the area near a major U.S. city. The organization has more than 10,000 employees, including thousands of physicians who dedicate themselves to delivering exceptional patient care.

With multiple solutions for asset inventory, the security team struggled with conflicting and incomplete data, so security leadership sought a more cohesive and accurate asset identification system.

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  • challenges iconReconciling conflicting or duplicated data from various sources to create an accurate and complete asset inventory
  • challenges iconIdentifying and remediating vulnerabilities and threats more quickly
  • challenges iconGetting a better handle on FDA-recalled medical devices without tedious manual processes
  • result iconIntegrations with existing tools to consolidate, correlate, and reconcile data into a single, centralized dashboard
  • result iconDramatically faster time to remediation—from several hours to just minutes
  • result iconRapid identification and triage of FDA-recalled devices
  • result iconReporting on usage of biomedical devices to inform purchase decisions
  • result iconIdentification of end-of-life devices to guide future purchases