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Whole-of-State Cybersecurity with Armis Centrix™

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Armis empowers state, local, education, and tribal leaders to achieve cyber resilience using Asset Exposure Management. Armis Centrix™ is FedRAMP Authorized and allows state and local government to protect scattered assets and reduce technical debt.

Adopt a Whole-of-State Cybersecurity Strategy With Armis Centrix™

The whole-of-state cybersecurity strategy strives to enhance defenses across all public sector agencies and departments by dismantling government silos. It promotes collaboration among entities to share cybersecurity resources and information, ultimately bolstering their collective cybersecurity stance. Armis Centrix™ delivers a whole-of-state approach with a flexible, cost-effective platform that gives both large agencies and small municipalities shared insights, leading to reduced tech debt and more efficient services for their staff and constituents. Armis Centrix™ can be deployed with or without agents, based on customer requirements. The flexible platform offers both smart active querying as well as passive detection.

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