Nov 18, 2022

Top Six Benefits of Armis’s Cloud-Native, SaaS Platform

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With cloud computing use at an all-time high, deploying and running software on-premises is obviously a waning trend. The benefits of a cloud-based, SaaS platform far outweigh the mundane tasks of manually deploying hardware and software. Not to mention the larger capital investment required to do so. In addition, on-premises deployments can also be limited in the way that they scale and integrate with other IT-based stacks and solutions.

Enter, Armis.
The Armis Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive asset intelligence platform providing unified asset visibility and superior security across all asset types, including IT, IoT, OT, IoMT, Cloud and cellular-IoT, managed or unmanaged.

Delivered as an agentless SaaS platform, Armis seamlessly integrates with existing IT and security stacks to quickly deliver the contextual intelligence needed for improving your security posture, without disrupting current operations or workflows. 

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Armis helps customers protect against unseen operational and cyber risks, increase efficiencies, optimize use of resources, and safely innovate with new technologies to grow their business.

Armis Unified Asset Intelligence Platform

Armis Unified Asset Intelligence Platform

Armis Unified Asset Intelligence Platform

Delivered as a Saas platform, Armis is designed to easily scale to meet the needs of the enterprise, and provide quick time to value, while minimizing the resource investment and TCO associated with deployment and maintenance:

1. Quick Time to Value

The Armis platform differs from the traditional on-premises solutions because the software is already installed and configured, and there are no additional software agents or executables that need to be deployed on endpoints. After a quick setup call, Armis provides you with a ready-to-use instance that allows you to start realizing value immediately. Armis Value Packs offer out-of-the-box recommendations on integrations, dashboards, reports, and policies for common use cases to simplify the implementation and use. This reduces the time spent on installation and configuration as well as the issues that often get in the way of software deployments.

2. Lower Costs

Armis provides beneficial cost savings not only because there are minimal deployment costs, but maintenance costs are reduced as well, because Armis maintains the platform for you. Armis performs all the maintenance updates, for all customers, so you can focus on addressing your specific needs, identify assets at risk, take action to prevent, or minimize, the impact of a threat, and improve your overall risk posture.

3. Easily Scale To Meet The Need Of Any Enterprise

As a SaaS platform, Armis can easily scale to meet the needs of any enterprise environment. With all the data gathered into a cloud repository, and processed over cloud based infrastructure by Armis’s Asset Intelligence Engine, the Armis platform is not restricted by the number or processing power of appliances deployed on premise. In addition, we only collect metadata, which reduces bandwidth and eliminates privacy concerns.

4. Smooth Integrations With Your IT and Security Tech Stack

The average enterprise has dozens of IT and cybersecurity tools that contain important and valuable information about connected assets. Gathering this information manually and analyzing it is a difficult, almost impossible task. The Armis platform cuts through the noise by leveraging cloud-APIs to automatically gather data from various solutions, and analyzing it over a cloud-based asset intelligence engine to provide correlation and contextual intelligence across your environment and assets. This gives you the improved visibility and actionable insights for better managing and controlling your assets.

5. Automated Updates

Whether it’s new features and capabilities, or whether it’s queries, reports, and policies that address new research and insights – Armis automatically upgrades the platform making new content available for all users. The costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model that usually forces you to buy an upgrade package and install it (or pay for specialized services to get the environment upgraded).

6. The Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine – Can only be offered by a SaaS Platform!

A unique core component of the Armis’s SaaS platform, is the Collective Asset Intelligence Engine – the industry’s first and only collective asset database that tracks over 3 billion assets worldwide – the largest database of this kind, and it keeps growing.

Armis collects anonymized data about the attributes and behavior of each monitored asset, putting together a baseline profile for each asset type. This includes information such as how often each device communicates with other devices, over what protocols, how much data is typically transmitted, whether the device is usually stationary, what software runs on each device, etc. This enables Armis to do a few important things:

  • Asset Fingerprinting: when detecting new connected assets Armis can quickly identify what the asset type is – is it a laptop, a mobile phone, an IP camera, or something else. With a growing number of new connected assets, Fingerprinting ensures you are aware, and understand what type of assets are being connected to your networks.
  • Deduplication: As Armis gathers information from various data sources, duplicate or redundant information can become a problem. Armis’s ability to understand various asset attributes helps us identify and eliminate any duplicate or redundant information, which enables our customers to trust the presented asset data.
  • Data Overlay and Enrichment: By analyzing asset profiles, Armis can not only identify the connected asset type, but also add more data about them based on the knowledge gathered from similar assets we are already monitoring. Armis provides valuable data enrichment quickly after the initial asset discovery, without requiring the user input, allowing users to quickly gain added asset intelligence.
  • Armis Research: Armis research group performs proactive research on various assets, and feeds it’s research directly into the SaaS platform through the Collective Asset Intelligence Engine. In addition, it feeds external third-party alerts on various devices, from manufacturers, the FBI, the FDA (for medical devices) and more.
  • Anomaly Detection: The Collective Asset Intelligence Engine also analyzes the behavior of different asset types creating a baseline of the asset behavior and configuration. This allows Armis to quickly detect anomalies in end-user environments, without the need to learn asset behavior.

The Armis Collective Asset Intelligence Engine

In summary, quick time to value, lower costs and enterprise scalability, all powered by hundreds of meaningful integrations and the Armis Collective Intelligence Engine provide a unique experience that only the Armis cloud-native, unified asset intelligence SaaS platform can provide.

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