Dec 18, 2018

Santa’s Connected Workshop


T’was a week before Christmas, when all through his shop,
Santa’s things were connecting, with no DevSecOps.
And up in his office, he was unaware,
Those things had been hacked with feverish flair!
His elves were equipped with smart tablets and phones,
That relayed kid’s wishes for scooters and drones.
But without any system to keep them secure,
A bad actor could steal Santa’s data for sure!

Santa’s elves oft took part in video calls,
Where they discussed wrapping and decking the halls.
With webcams, smart TVs, and speakers, and more,
All left unprotected past conference room doors!

Coordinates set! Rudolph’s ready to go!
To navigate through all that blustery snow.
Santa’s sleigh, it was locked up with boxes and gifts,
But did no one consider its BLEEDINGBIT chips?

The lesson to learn from poor Santa is this:
No protection from threats? You are quite remiss!
With OT and IT converging as one,
Armis makes sure these threats will stay on the run!

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