Jan 14, 2022

It’s sweeter the second time around: Armis named leader in ISG OT Security Report again

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Information Services Group (ISG) has released the 2021 Provider Lens – Manufacturing Industry Services report and Armis is once again recognized as a Leader. The report, which examines the role of service and solution providers across the entire value chain of manufacturing engineering, includes an independent evaluation of the Armis platform.

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According to the report, ISG has recognized two major trends in OT cybersecurity:

  1. Enterprises outgrowing niche OT point solutions and demanding unified visibility across all assets: ISG witnesses a rapid shift in the OT segment. The manufacturing environments with heavy OT equipment and other legacy infrastructure have started adding digital components. Consistently, factories, oil platforms and refineries have been introducing digitization, AI, and cloud. Accordingly, the customers in the OT space have different requirements compared to the past and are seeking complete OT solutions.
  2. Demand for best-in-class, unified visibility and risk management across infrastructure assets: Several enterprises have been deploying OT security solutions for several years now but still lack complete visibility into infrastructure assets. They gain visibility only into some OT and IT elements, but not the IoT and IIoT assets, mobile devices, and wireless devices. Thus, the demand for easy-to-deploy enterprise-class solutions, which can show all the assets without compromising on the operations, is increasing. Furthermore, the enterprises require control over their infrastructure and simultaneously use the collective, correlated intelligence of all the other deployed solutions such as Qualys, Cisco ISE, configuration management databases (CMDBs), Rapid7, and SIM technologies. The need for getting more value out of the existing IT security investments has led to increased demand for enterprise-grade, easy-to-deploy, single-pane-of-glass solutions that provide unified visibility across infrastructure assets and add value immediately.

In-depth research conducted by ISG consisted of interviews with advisors, briefings with analysts and analysis of market information. ISG dove deep into the Armis platform and looked closely into its capabilities to provide: asset visibility of all managed, unmanaged OT and IT devices, risks and vulnerabilities associated with those devices, and the intelligence needed to orchestrate remediation.

Five reasons why Armis was named a Leader in OT Security:

  1. Unified Asset Visibility: According to the report, “Installing Armis’ solution across the enterprise infrastructure provides unified visibility for all assets in its ecosystem. Thus, customers benefit with a single-pane-of glass viewpoint for all IT and OT devices.”
  2. End-to-end Visibility and Monitoring: the report explains that Armis is, “Emerging as an end-to-end visibility and monitoring showstopper: The evolution of the OT threat landscape and anatomy of modern attacks depict the criticality of unified visibility across OT and IT, IoT and IIoT devices (such as wireless devices and wireless networks). Several enterprise customers are, thus, gravitating to Armis to have this visibility, along with the provision of in-depth knowledge about the existing infrastructure and how to drive business value.”
  3. Improved Visibility and Threat Detection achieved through a combination of network monitoring and API integrations: the report explains that, “The company’s value proposition is heightened as the transparency is provided not only network traffic visibility via SPAN or TAP such as point solution vendors, but also with multiple API integrations into the solutions used by the customers. The API integrations pull information out of the solutions and merge it with the information acquired from the network traffic. Thus, the information provided to the customer is richer as compared to the point solutions.”
  4. Providing Business Value to Customers: The report explains that Armis is, “Driving business value across the complete enterprise ecosystem: Armis has showcased referenceable case studies where it has replaced point solution vendors in accounts across different industries (such as manufacturing, semiconductor and FMCG).”
  5. Trusted By OT Vendors: Armis is often employed by the OT equipment vendors such as SCADA and PLC device manufacturers to manage their own production environments.

In summary, the Armis platform is purpose-built to provide you with complete visibility across both OT and IT, best-in-class insights to detect risks and vulnerabilities. It also delivers the intelligence to take action to respond and recover from threats across your diverse and distributed environment with zero impact to critical operations reliant on OT. 

To download the complete report, click here.

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