Oct 4, 2022

Asset Visibility & Security News Roundup (September 2022)

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In early September, we shared our first Asset Visibility & Security News Roundup, which highlighted the Armis team’s activity throughout August. In case you missed it, you can read it here

We’re back again this month to bring you a roundup of our latest news, thought leadership commentary, and award traction, in case you didn’t catch all of the excitement in September. Without further ado!

News Announcements:

Thought Leadership:

  • Nadir Izrael, CTO and Co-Founder of Armis:
    • Connected with Cybernews reporter, Jurgita Lapienytė, for a Q&A on the state of cyberwarfare.
    • Shared his thoughts with CybersecAsia on how digital transformation strategies are driving IoT roll-out, OT/IT convergence, and cybersecurity challenges. 
    • Was quoted in Information Security Buzz in an article surrounding the Rockstar Grand Theft Auto leak. 
    • Contributed an article to ZDNet in German surrounding how security teams need context in order to effectively remediate vulnerabilities that attackers are likely to exploit.
    • Explained on the Future of Tech Podcast the challenges of modern-day cybersecurity and how they can be addressed.
    • Was mentioned as a member of a key advisory board in a CTech article covering a new initiative aimed towards training 10,000 individuals in high-tech from under-represented populations. Armis was also recognized as a sponsor of this initiative.
  • The Armis research team was highlighted for their work in SecurityWeek for helping Schneider Electric discover vulnerabilities impacting connected assets. 
  • Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis:
    • Was quoted in Tech Wire Asia, TechMonitor, and IT-Daily, highlighting how critical it is for wireless operators to have continuous visibility and insights into the behavior of all of their assets. This followed a cyberattack impacting millions of customers which hit Australia’s second-largest telecoms company, Optus. 
  • Conor Coughlan, CMO at Armis:
    • Contributed a post to MarTech Series highlighting the top seven B2B marketing trends that marketers need to focus on.
  • Steve Gyurindak, Field CTO for Network and Operations Technology:
  • Joe Hamblin, Armis Field CTO for Federal:
    • Contributed an article to Federal News Network explaining why without full asset visibility, zero trust delivers zero value. 
  • Oscar Miranda, Field CTO for Healthcare:
  • Alex Mosher, Senior Vice President, International Sales & Global Sales Enablement:
  • Nicola Altavilla, Country Manager for Italy:
  • Jean-Michel Tavernier, Country Manager for France:
    • Was interviewed live on tv at BFM Business, the number one TV in France for business, presenting the Armis platform, strategy, and recruitment plans.
    • Shared with Global Security Mag why it’s critical for companies to know their entire network.
  • Andy Norton, European Cyber Risk Officer: 
    • Was quoted in Computing commenting on the cyberattack that hit UK transport company, Go-Ahead Group.
  • Keith Walsh, OT Security and Operations Director:
    • Discussed IoT security realities with FutureIoT.
  • Armis was mentioned in a SiliconANGLE article as part of the company’s inclusion in research coming out of Enterprise Technology Research.

Awards & Industry Recognition

We’re happy to continuously push out news and thought leadership in support of our mission to address the new extended attack surface that connected assets create. Interested in learning more about Armis or connecting with a member of our team? Contact us here or by emailing [email protected].

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