Nov 1, 2022

Asset Visibility & Security News Roundup (October 2022)

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Now that it’s November, some might think the spooky season is behind us. However, cybercriminals and malicious actors are always lurking and hunting for cybersecurity vulnerabilities to exploit. Luckily, Armis keeps a constant pulse on the evolving cybersecurity landscape by continuously adapting our platform and partnerships and staying on top of the latest industry news, so that our customers don’t suffer from the likes of ghouls, goblins, or any other bad actors – no matter the time of year.  

As you put this year’s Halloween decorations away and finish up your supply of candy, we’ve brought you some light reading: our monthly roundup of Armis news, thought leadership commentary, and award traction. Read on for all of the excitement from last month!

News Announcements:

Thought Leadership:

  • Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO and Co-Founder of Armis:
    • Published a contributed article in Forbes, “Why Securing Connected Devices is Critical to Driving Cyber Resilience in Healthcare.”
  • Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis:
    • Continued to be quoted in news outlets such as CPO Magazine, Frontier Enterprise, and B2B Cyber Security sharing thought leadership in response to the breach of Australian telecommunications company, Optus. 
    • Featured in-depth by Safety Detectives about the challenges of being a CISO, what Armis offers businesses, and cyberthreats that target IoT devices.
  • Steve Gyurindak, Field CTO of Network and Operational Technology:
    • Shared thoughts on network visibility and cyber threat exposure with VentureBeat.
  • Desiree Lee, Field CTO for Data: 
    • Shared commentary in Protocol around what her first action would be if given a blank check to improve cybersecurity. Her response? Invest in cultivating cybersecurity talent. 
  • Oscar Miranda, Field CTO of Healthcare:
    • Connected with InformationWeek about the Advocate Aurora Health data breach to discuss why health systems deploying tracking pixels need to do their due diligence and why connected medical devices are leaving an expanded attack surface for threat actors.
    • Contributed an article to El Español on the critical nature of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. 
    • Was quoted in an IT Security Guru article offering commentary after CISA issued a warning to healthcare organizations following targeted ransomware attacks by the Daixin team.
  • Derek Zanutto, General Partner at CapitalG, mentioned Armis as a key investment for the company’s portfolio during an interview with Business Insider
  • Jeremy Richard, Head of IT and Security:
    • Was quoted in InformationWeek on the most effective ways to communicate bad news to the IT team. 
  • Keith Walsh, OT Security and Operations Director: 
    • Contributed an article to Security Insider (Germany) discussing the most common attacks and defense recommendations for OT/ICS systems. 
    • Shared thoughts around understanding threat actors’ steps into OT and ICS environments, which published in FutureIoT.
  • Andy Norton, European Cyber Risk Officer:
  • Lars Hermind, Regional Director for Nordics & Benelux:
    • Interviewed with Danish media outlet ITWatch.
  • Tetsuya Akiya, Country Manager for Japan:
    • Interviewed with Nikkei Newspaper to discuss cyberwarfare. His comments published in print.
  • Vesku Turtia, Regional Director for Iberia: 
    • Was quoted in Portuguese in a news article published in Jornal Económico explaining why it’s critical to make smart cybersecurity investments.
  • Scott Taylor, Director of Business Development, EMEA: 
    • Was quoted in Tech Monitor in response to the breach of Optus.
  • James Millington, Senior Director, Product Marketing:
  • Matt Hubbard, Market Intelligence Director: 
  • Sielte, an Armis partner in the Italian market, describes the benefits of the Armis platform in the Italian news outlet CyberSecurity Italia.

Awards & Industry Recognition: 

We’re happy to continuously push out news and thought leadership in support of our mission to address the new extended attack surface that connected assets create. Interested in learning more about Armis or connecting with a member of our team? Contact us here or by emailing [email protected].

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