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Jun 24, 2024

Armis Named Leader and Outperformer by GigaOm Radar Report for Operational Technology (OT) Security for the Second Year in a Row

Armis Named Outperformer and Leader by GigaOm Radar Report for Operational Technology (OT) Security

“Armis has excelled in rapidly advancing its technological offerings and has notably enhanced its threat detection capabilities over the past year, pushing the boundaries of innovation in OT security.” Chris Ray, GigaOm Analyst

Armis is proud to be recognized in the 2024 GigaOm Radar Report for Operational Technology (OT) Security for the second year in a row. Placed as a “Leader” and scoring the highest in the Innovation and Platform Play categories, Armis has cemented its status as the leading OT platform, providing the richest and most extensive security coverage for OT environments. GigaOm also named Armis an “Outperformer” in the Leader category for rapid technology advancements and next-generation AI-based threat detection capabilities. Armis continues to advance innovation in OT security and operates at scale in some of the most demanding and secured OT environments around the globe.

2024 GigaOm Radar for Operational Technology (OT) Security

Nearing the “bullseye” of the comparison matrix radar, Armis scored the highest out of all participating vendors (4.4 out of 5) and perfect scores (5/5) in categories: Automated Asset Discovery, Dynamic Network Segmentation, AI Technologies for Threat Detection, Flexibility, and Certification. This validates our unparalleled finger on the pulse of OT security and our continued customer-centric vision. Armis Centrix™ for OT/IoT Security consistently delivers the visibility, security, and manageability needed so that critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and other OT security facilities can operate with peak efficiency, resiliency, and peace of mind regardless of the new and emerging threats that target the industry.

In the business criteria comparison, Armis scored the highest score against five key criteria (4.4 out of 5). From cost and ease of use to flexibility and certification, Armis Centrix™ is built for smooth and rapid deployment in OT environments with versatility and scalability as key factors, and this has been recognized in this year’s radar.

“Armis is positioned as a Platform Play because it offers an extensive and integrated security platform capable of addressing multiple OT security concerns, making it well-suited for organizations seeking comprehensive solutions. It is classified as Innovative due to its aggressive approach in introducing new features and capabilities, which highlights its commitment to staying ahead in technology advancements. Armis has achieved Leader status thanks to its effective market penetration and the robustness of its security solutions.”


GigaOm Recognizes the Strengths and Scale of the Armis Centrix™ Platform

“Armis offers a comprehensive suite of security features well-suited for SMBs, large enterprises, and public sector organizations.” Chris Ray, GigaOm Analyst

The report highlights Armis Centrix™ strengths and the comprehensive and holistic approach of the platform:

Asset Discovery

Armis Centrix™ automated asset discovery feature received a 5/5 score for surpassing traditional methods by incorporating unparalleled multi-detection capabilities that include passive network discovery and smart active querying techniques that are unrivaled. Armis has the most extensive coverage of OT assets with specialized capabilities across manufacturing, critical infrastructure and medical devices. AI-based asset profiling is drawn from a 4.5 billion strong asset data lake which is unparalleled in the market. This strategy ensures precise and comprehensive identification and full contextual awareness of all devices and assets for both air-gapped and converged IT/OT landscapes.

Dynamic Network Segmentation

Armis received a 5/5 score for its dynamic network segmentation, which automates the creation of network segments and policy validation through its knowledge of VLANs, subnets, and device behaviors for wired and wireless networks. The ability to dynamically segment assets showing anomalous or concerning behaviors significantly reduces the attack surface by denying the lateral creep of an attack which is becoming increasingly common in OT settings.

Managing Complex, Converged Environments

OT environments have become increasingly more complex than legacy PLCs and HMIs. They now include a variety of IoT, IIoT, IoMT, and IT-based systems each requiring special attention and security. The difference between an MRI, fabrication welder, chilling system, IP camera, run-of-the-mill printer, and smart factory sensors is vast. Their deployments, maintenance, and ongoing security require specialized expertise, especially with the new threats targeting these complex and highly sophisticated environments. Armis has an established track record in managing these h environments. Further, Armis Centrix™ showcased strong adherence to industry standards and established best practice frameworks and regulatory requirements, scoring a 5/5 for business certification criterion, thus instilling trust and confidence in its customers. Notable certifications include FedRAMP, DoD Impact Level 4, ISO 27001, ISO 28018, and SOC 2 type 2.

Next-Generation AI Threat Detection

With the addition of actionable threat intelligence capabilities this year, Armis displayed huge growth in AI technologies adding additional AI engines that can provide early warning threat detection. Scoring a 5/5, Armis leads by leveraging AI to identify and stop attacks still in the formulation stage as well as pinpointing anomalous behavior, unusual activities, malicious code, and other threats in real-time. This buys organizations that society depends on, time to address the threat before an attack is launched or damage is done.

Armis goes beyond legacy security tools to address today’s Challenges Identified by GigaOm, including:

Integration with IT security systems ensures coordinated security efforts across both IT and OT environments. This convergence enhances an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture, addressing complex, multifaceted threats that span the IT-OT divide. Armis Centrix™ integrates with SIEM, SOAR, XDR, ASM solutions, and existing security stacks to ensure comprehensive coverage across the entire attack surface.

Armis also provides visualization of OT asset relationships and traffic flows, in intuitive dashboards. They include drill-down capabilities and reports that can be customized for stakeholders, including the CISO, regulatory authority, down to the plant and production line manager. This visibility is essential for both real-time “boots on the ground” situational awareness and trending and historical analysis.

By addressing these key areas, Armis significantly aids OT decision-makers in proactively securing and managing their operational technology environments.

Key Challenges Facing OT Decision-Makers

The Gigaom OT report offers an insightful summary of the OT landscape. Numerous obstacles to achieving secure critical infrastructure are outlined throughout the report. These include:

Legacy Systems: Many OT environments still rely on outdated systems and specialized protocols that lack built-in security measures.

Interconnected Devices: The proliferation of interconnected devices increases the attack surface, making security management more complex.

Industry-Specific Requirements: Sectors like manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare have unique security needs due to their critical operations and the severe impact of potential disruptions.

Visibility and Vulnerability Identification: Gaining deep visibility into OT assets and identifying vulnerabilities is difficult without specialized tools.

Integration with IT Security: Ensuring a unified security approach that integrates OT and IT systems is essential but challenging due to the lateral progression of attacks.

Innovation and Adaptation: The market is rapidly evolving, requiring continuous innovation to address new threats and meet diverse organizational needs.

GigaOm aligns with the view that Armis takes that it is no longer enough to adopt a point solution in OT environments that are complex and converged. Solutions must offer comprehensive toolkits, including automated asset discovery, dynamic network segmentation, AI-powered threat detection, and the ability to integrate with existing security stacks to effectively tackle these challenges and ensure the safety, reliability, and continuity of critical operations.

Looking Ahead

“Leaders like Armis demonstrate robust platform capabilities with wide-reaching security features, making them stalwarts in the industry. ” Chris Ray, GigaOm Analyst

As we move into the next 12 months, Armis will continue to deliver on its commitment to customer-centric innovation in OT. Our vision is aligned with the predictions outlined in the GigaOm report:

AI-Driven Threat Detection: Expect more AI and machine learning to predict and mitigate risks.

Enhanced Interoperability: Cross-platform integration is crucial to address the lateral creep of attacks that are becoming increasingly common in OT environments.

Staying ahead of the AI curve: Keep abreast of the latest in AI and predictive analytics to leverage advanced protective measures.

Development of Deception Technology: Deception technology involves creating traps or decoys within a network to detect, confuse, and divert potential attackers. Its importance lies in its ability to proactively identify threats by enticing attackers away from actual assets and into controlled environments where the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) can be studied and defeated.

As the OT cybersecurity market evolves in 2024, staying informed and proactive is key. By understanding market dynamics, assessing vendor offerings, and preparing for technological shifts, organizations can effectively safeguard their operational technologies against emerging threats.

To read GigaOm’s in-depth analysis, we invite you to download a complimentary copy of the 2024 GigaOm Radar for Operational Technology (OT) Security report.

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