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Jan 25, 2023

Armis Named a Leader in ISG OT Security Report for the Third Year in a Row

Information Services Group (ISG) has released the 2022 Provider Lens – Manufacturing Industry Services report and Armis is once again recognized as a strong Leader. The report, which examines how OT and mobility security are a hotbed of innovations, includes an independent evaluation of the Armis asset intelligence and security platform.

Source: ISG Research 2022

The Eligibility Criteria to be included in this report is as follows:

  1. Have offerings in at least one segment of OT security, for example, monitoring and visibility or decoy and deception technologies
  2. Demonstrate capabilities in at least few of the functions, including asset discovery, vulnerability management, threat detection, NGFW (next-generation firewall) and zero trust
  3. Have a track record of providing seamless security against all kinds of data breaches in the manufacturing campus or networks
  4. Ability to integrate complex and emerging technologies, including network technologies, into an overall security solution
  5. Demonstrate the capacity to rapidly innovate and stay apace with the latest threats from the rapidly advancing community of cybercriminals

The report starts by observing that OT security and mobility security solutions are witnessing soaring demand – something that is definitely in line with what Armis has seen.

It then goes on to point out how “Advances in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and machine learning have led to radical changes in operational technology (OT).”. These advances are at the core of Armis’ portfolio – we have been innovating in this area since our inception.

Also core to the Armis platform are hundreds of meaningful integrations – and, as the report points out “many enterprises depend on a complex mix of legacy OT and connected technologies”. Armis passively detects, identifies and assesses the risk of every device (including OT devices) and is capable of both sending and ingesting data from many leading security, SIEM, SOAR, CMDB, CMMS, cloud, infrastructure and networking solutions.

Of particular interest in this 2022 report is the mention of “Attacks on COVID vaccine manufacturers” and how it “prompted the life science market to address such vulnerabilities by setting up a dedicated security operations center (SOC) for OT”. It also points out that “In the past, automotive and other heavy industries have stayed away from OT security implementations and, as a result, have fallen prey to malicious attacks.”.

In-depth research conducted by ISG consisted of interviews with advisors, briefings with analysts and analysis of market information. ISG dove deep into the Armis platform and looked closely into its capabilities to provide: asset visibility of all managed, unmanaged OT and IT devices, risks and vulnerabilities associated with those devices, and the intelligence needed to orchestrate remediation.

The report explains that it “is relevant to industrial, manufacturing and overall OT ecosystem

players, including OEMs, component suppliers, distributors and contract manufacturers, that are evaluating cybersecurity solution providers.”.

In the aforementioned quadrant, “ISG lays out the current market positioning of the providers of OT security solutions and how they address the key challenges enterprises face, globally.”.

The report is targeted at IT leaders, Manufacturing professionals, Security leaders and Product engineering leaders.

Why Armis was Named a Leader

The report points out that “The evolution of the OT threat landscape and anatomy of modern attacks depict the criticality of unified visibility across OT and IT, IoT and IIoT devices.”. It further asserts that “Several enterprise customers are, thus, gravitating toward Armis to have this visibility, along with the provision of in-depth knowledge about the existing infrastructure.”.

The two main strengths that reinforce our leadership position are essentially our platform’s driving forces. As per the report:

“Value proposition around data collection and processing: The key differentiator of the Armis platform for asset discovery and network monitoring is its innovative ways of data collection. Collectors are placed where they can consume Switched Port Analyzer/ Test Access Point (SPAN/TAP) traffic from switches and wireless LAN controllers. Collectors process network traffic and telemetry data from different integrations in real time, extracting details about all devices connected to the network. No raw data or payloads (PII/HPI) is sent to the Armis SaaS. As the solution does not process the data at the collectors that are deployed onsite, it is not restricted by any processing capability and allows quick scalability.

Granularity in information about assets: The Armis platform integrates seamlessly with the enterprise IT and security technology stack, enabling it to source information about various devices that are included in the network. It provides intelligence on the vulnerability of the assets, their owners, and their physical locations. This holistic visibility provides relevant insights into the organization’s security status.”

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