Feb 9, 2022

Armis’ Financial Growth: Raising an additional $300M to ring in the end of 2021

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As announced at the end of 2021, Armis closed its latest round of investment led by One Equity Partners, ringing in 2022 with exponential growth. Existing investors Insight Partners, CapitalG, Georgian, Brookfield, and RedDot all participated, raising $300 million at a $3.4 billion valuation. To date, Armis has raised ~$600 million to address the exponentially growing visibility gap of all assets on organizational networks.

Our Growth Story

Founded in 2015, Armis officially launched our go-to-market efforts in 2017. In the short time since then, we’ve leveraged our unique cybersecurity asset intelligence tools to help organizations discover and understand every device and connection in their environments. Our products are specifically designed to work across all verticals, including healthcare, industrial OT, and technology.

In January 2020, Insight Partners, with participation from CapitalG, led the acquisition of the majority share of Armis, then valued at $1B, enabling the Armis team to focus on building a 100+ year business. Since then, we’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognized organizations and scaled the Armis team around the planet. Most importantly, we continued to do what we do best – lead the industry in providing comprehensive asset management and cybersecurity solutions.

Just over one year later, in February 2021, Armis announced a $125 million capital round led by Brookfield Growth, with participation from Insight Partners, CapitalG, and Georgian, valuing the company at $2B. After an extensive two-year industry evaluation, Brookfield validated what we knew to be true – Armis’ was the only platform capable of monitoring both managed and unmanaged IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT devices and assets across global networks in diverse industries. The unique perspective Brookfield brought to the table, as both a user of our technology and as an investor, fueled massive market adoption. We put the capital to work in support of continued product and technology development and in scaling our global go-to-market motions.

In this latest (and oversubscribed) round led by One Equity Partners, with participation from all existing investors, we announced a $300 million raise at a $3.4 billion valuation. Not only is One Equity Partners closely aligned with our broader investors and management team, but the One Equity Partners portfolio offers strategic growth opportunities in the healthcare and commercial real estate markets where the Armis platform excels. Moving forward, we will work to significantly accelerate customer acquisitions and expansion through both organic and inorganic means. We will put this new funding to work as part of our efforts to continue to gain market share and to deliver elevated value to our customers.

Each of these events have served as important milestones in our growth story. At the same time, Armis is on a once-in-a-lifetime journey that is just beginning.

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