12 Ways Armis Underpins Medical Device Security and Patient Safety in Healthcare

The most comprehensive asset management for managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices.

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Without complete asset visibility, there is no security or optimal efficiency and use of resources. Today organizations must not only get an accurate inventory of all devices IT, cloud, IoT, OT, IoMT, 5G and edge – managed and unmanaged – inside and outside their walls but must also understand the risks and usage trends associated with each device. Armis provides both types of information.

The Armis Advantage

Complete visibility

  • Powerful discovery
  • Unified asset inventory Contextual intelligence

Contextual intelligence

  • Multidimensional views
  • Comprehensive analytics and intelligence Continuous security

Continuous security

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Policy enforcement Rapid time to value

Rapid time to value

  • Modern cloud architecture
  • Industry leader, trusted partner

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