The Agentless Approach to Securing Finance

Presented by Armis CISO, Curtis Simpson and Armis VP of Product Marketing, Chris Dobrec


The Agentless Approach to Securing Finance

Fraud. Attacks. Data Theft. These are the top of mind concerns for any finance security professional. To address those issues, they need to understand where all their risks are coming from. Many don’t have a full accounting of their managed devices, let alone the explosion of unmanaged devices. And concerns over fraud need to be balanced with protecting critical infrastructure – which is constantly under attack. This ongoing battle requires the right focus and the right tools. If you do not understand what is in your environment:

To address this problem, enterprises need a comprehensive security approach that secures both IT and ICS environments. With your current cybersecurity solution:

  • Would you have an accurate picture of your attack surface?
  • Would you be able to find those assets that you’re not even aware of (such as IoT devices you didn’t even know were in the building)?
  • How would you begin to secure those devices?
  • How would you do patch management to something you don’t even know you have?
  • How can you meet the basic CIS 1-6 security controls?

Take a look at the risks associated with all the things in your environment, even those you may not know about, and how Armis is helping their customers in Finance with an agentless and passive solution.

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