Taming the Unmanaged and IoT Device Tsunami

Presented by Cybersecurity Guru, Bruce Schneier and Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis


Businesses face a tsunami of new, connected devices.

We face a flood of connected devices that run our business, drive our manufacturing lines, or track and deliver healthcare to secure the patient journey. These devices are essentially the new endpoint with operating systems, an application, and a network stack – connect to networks and even the internet. What they are missing is security. This requires a whole new security playbook to mitigate risk and protect businesses.

Hear from cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier, Armis CISO Curtis Simpson, and Threatpost Editor-in-Chief Tom Spring as they discuss the reality of facing businesses with the proliferation of these unmanaged and IoT devices, how attacks are growing, and security challenges facing businesses today.

Bruce Schneier, dubbed a “security guru” by The Economist, is an internationally renowned security technologist and best-selling author of over a dozen books exploring the risks and implications of our new, hyper-connected era. He works at the intersection of security, technology, and people, and has penned hundreds of articles, essays, and academic papers on these topics.

Curtis Simpson brings more than 15 years of diversified information technology experience, with direct information security and management experience in positions of increasing responsibility at Sysco, a Fortune 50 corporation. As vice president and global CISO at Sysco, Curtis directed a portfolio of cost effective, business-focused security programs responsible for reducing security risks faced by a global organization.

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