Identifying Vulnerable Critical Assets that Put You at Risk

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The sheer numbers of assets and vulnerabilities across organizations are overwhelming security teams. The typical mean time to patch (MTTP) for a zero-day is 60 to 150 days, so knowing which risks to focus on is essential for effectively managing the attack surface.

Traditional vulnerability management platforms are the go-to solution, but gaps in coverage are common. Moreover, missing context about asset relationships and criticality within the environment, further reduces their effectiveness.

Armis Asset Vulnerability Management (AVM)  centralizes all organizational vulnerabilities across all connected asset types into a single pane-of-glass so you can easily view and manage them. Rich intelligence and context for every asset and their relationships eliminates research and guesswork, empowering your team to continually prioritize vulnerability mitigation based on risk to the business.

Join Armis experts Bryan Inman and Dean Plant to learn how Armis AVM enables you to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities across all types of connected devices, managed or unmanaged
  • Prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk to your business
  • Orchestrate a response to mitigate, remediate, and report on vulnerabilities

The Armis team will demonstrate key AVM capabilities and answer your questions about all things vulnerability management.

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