Cybersecurity Readiness for the Post-Pandemic Enterprise


Our workplaces are filled with smart and connected IoT devices, but in our post-pandemic world these devices will play prominent new roles that deliver healthier, safer, and more convenient experiences.

However, although these devices offer various benefits throughout the enterprise, they are inherently vulnerable to cyber-attacks for various reasons, such as:

  • Lacking appropriate native security controls
  • Inability to host agents for security necessities
  • Complex and costly to update
  • And much more…

In fact, the proliferation of these devices throughout the workplace creates a new layer of complexity for IT and security teams. How do you know which devices exist across the workplace, as well as their inherent threats, so you can best protect your enterprise? Join Check Point and Armis to explore a blueprint for cybersecurity readiness in a post-pandemic workplace, including practical steps you can take now to prepare for the re-entry of your employees and the devices they’ll bring with them.


  • Itzik Feiglevitch, Senior Product Manager – Cybersecurity Solutions, Check Point
  • Marko Krishner, Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture (EMEA/APAC), Armis

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