It’s 2022.
Do you know where your technical debt is?

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Managing and mitigating technology that’s near or at its end-of-life or that’s no longer actively used is a constant challenge. That challenge is made worse by a frustrating lack of visibility in your existing IT and asset management tools. These tools mostly see only the managed assets you already know about, not the infinitely expanding world of unmanaged assets in your environment. 

Without a clear view of your technical debt, you may wind up facing severe disadvantages. Failing to deal with this technical debt properly hinders your ability to become an agile digital business, impedes efforts to stay ahead of competitors, costs you money by maintaining aging or unneeded assets, and most concerningly leaves your organization vulnerable to unknown cyber attacks. 

Join us to learn about the challenges and benefits of paying down your technical debt through effective asset management that doesn’t depend on yesterday’s tools. In this brief webcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Why technical debt burdens your organization and its agility
  • What risks do organizations face when accruing technical debt
  • How you can achieve better visibility for more effective asset management

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